The kind to Sell Your self in a Job Interview

grant cardone here New York Times best-selling Arthur I want to talk to you about unemployment I’m going to show you how to get a job these 12 tips will guarantee you a job and they’ll guarantee the job you want and literally get you the job you want in 36 hours tip number 10 you’re not going in to do an interview you’re going in to sell yourself you’re going in to present yourself as a valuable extraordinary product that no matter what they offer you in money you’re worth a hundred times that this is all about selling okay you want a job this is about selling yourself now I’m going to tell you right now when I go into an interview to get a job I don’t come out without a clothes they’ll either hire me on the spot or they’ll regret not hiring me you might not hire me but I promise you you will regret not hiring me and are you’ll say dude who was that cat who was that guy that just came in here you want to control that interview and make it a sales presentation tell them you’re extraordinary telling you’re great tell them you can make a difference yep oversell yourself if you have to don’t undersell yourself over commit over commit over a promise sell if you don’t know how to sell get my book seller be sold the book is sick fundamentals of how to sell anything yourself a product a brand to market yourself to correctly promote yourself because here’s the truth if you’re worried about over selling yourself the problem is you’re not sold on you so the first thing we have to do before you go to this interview where you’re going to sell yourself is we’re going to get you sold on you what makes you different what makes you unique what makes you extraordinary what makes you worth more than the highest amount of money they could ever offer you this is an opportunity right now you’re out of work this is an opportunity to get finally to finally get the job you want to it this is a fresh new start you need to go in there and bang this thing knock this thing out of the park by selling yourself not just doing an interview good luck

DIY Videoscribing – Create Video Scribe Movies Electronically

hey this is pat flynn from smart passive income comm and today i’m going to show you how you can DIY video scribe how you can do it yourself so you can record yourself writing or drawing on your screen and speed it up so it looks like this video scribing is like i can’t you just can’t take your eyes off of it but i’m going to tell you up front it’s not easy it’s going to take some time and a lot of practice and I’m not an artist and there are a lot of professionals out there that can do this much better than me but it’s fun it’s challenging and it got a really nice response when I shared it in a previous video so I’m happy to show you how I did it today so first let’s go over the equipment that you need now many of the pros will actually use real whiteboards and dry erase markers but I do this all electronically using a tablet setup where you can draw with a pen on your screen on a little tablet that’s next to your desktop now there’s a lot of different brands out there but I use a bamboo by Wacom now secondly you’ll need some sort of screen capture software to record what you’re writing on the screen and the best for this is Camtasia camtasia for mac or if you’re on a PC then camtasia studios but ScreenFlow for mac will work too just not as well as can camtasia for mac for this particular sort of technique and number three you’re going to need to download a piece of software called audacity it’s free they have it for PC and Mac again that’s audacity AUD a CI t Y and you can just look it up in Google or something and lastly preferably you should have Photoshop on your computer to draw in if not some sort of Photoshop alternative that has a pen tool that you can draw on a whiteboard or whatever in that program will work for you so once you have that all you have to do is follow the step by step process that I’m about to show you right now okay so here we are in audacity and the basic idea here is you want to get an b3 file in here that we’re going to use in our screen recording software and in audacity when we slow it down so whether you already have that mp3 file or you want to create it here on audacity and then slow it down here that’s you know just get the audio in audacity somehow so I’m just going to record straight into audacity this is one way to do it so I’m just gonna record something really quick hey thanks for visiting smart passive income com stop it I’m going to press play hey thanks for visiting smart passive income com okay great so if you did that and you didn’t have an mp3 file of this already you want to go ahead and create that so you can actually do that with audacity you can go to file and then export and then export as mp3 just get that mp3 and that once you have that let’s do the next step so I’m going to fast forward to what I have that already okay so after you have your mp3 file ready and you know we’ve just set it up with audacity it’s in audacity drag and drop it into your screen capture software so I have Camtasia Mac for open a Camtasia for Mac open now I’m just going to drag and drop it into the timeline I’m going to press play just to listen to it a thanks for visiting smart passive income comm okay great so now we have to go back into audacity that’s there for reference in Camtasia for Mac and we’re going to use this little dial here to change the playback speed so I’m going to change the playback speed from 1x del all the way down to about 0.23 X so what’s going to happen is when I play when I play this again using this particular green button next to the dial here you’re going to hear it super slow yeah it’s really slow but that helps us when we’re drawing and writing because we can catch up to what with what we’re saying and write certain elements so then when we speed up that video along with that audio it’s just going to be it’s it’s you know that’s vit that’s a video scribing so we’re all set up to go here I’m going to show you photoshop really quick because that’s actually where I’m going to be drawing and you’re looking in Photoshop right now let me drag this here so you can see this is the background that I created that’s kind of branded with my logo in the upper left and then the space to write on in the middle but I want to make sure that for this I want to write in a layer above the background so that you know if I write like this I can just easily turn off that layer to delete it instead of kind of writing on the background and then everything gets all screwed up so you always want to make sure that you’re writing on separate layers in Photoshop so let me undo that move this out of the way and so we’re all set up to go here what we want to do is go back into Camtasia and make sure that we press the record button now because I’m actually recording this tutorial in Camtasia right now that’s why there’s a pause button here but this would be a big red button instead you would want to press that to start recording and then you know don’t worry about getting things right you can lead up to it you can always delete the stuff out before you start this technique but again just for your reference this will be a big red button here where you can record and you want to record a certain area around your kind of Photoshop background here so the next step is to record and then go into audacity play at slow speed jump into Photoshop like I said this isn’t easy and then right while you’re speaking at the slow speed so let’s go ahead and do that right now and anytime you do some little Wiggly thing or you start to draw something like people it looks really cool with its and fast motion but again I did a short audio for you so I just wanted to do this really fast for you so that’s that’s what it’s like and then you’d stop recording or you can go back and try it again you know just delete everything in Photoshop and then and then go back and audacity press play and try it again I think I like that one a little better actually so again you can just keep doing it till you get it right or you’re happy with it then you stop recording and I’m actually going to keep recording because I’m recording this tutorial for you that was kind of one of the big challenges of recording this tutorial because I’m recording recording a tutorial or something like that I don’t know it’s just crazy but anyways once you have that done you go back into Camtasia and that will be here in your timeline so I’m going to stop this videos so that it’s entered there and I’ll show you how to manipulate it right now and I’ll come right back okay so we’re back on our screen capture software we had just finished recording and so this little thing pop-up in a timeline which is that video that we just recorded so what we’re going to do is just drag and drop it anywhere on the anywhere on the timeline right now it doesn’t matter for right now and what we’re going to do is zoom out and we’re basically just going to look at the preview screen and try to find the video of where there it is of where we wrote stuff down so as you can see it’s right there starts right there so I’m just going to hit command T to delete and kind of split the tracks if you’re in ScreenFlow you just have to press T if you’re in Camtasia you press come Antti or ctrl t to split the tracks and you can delete which what you don’t want so I’m going to test these two things as you can see there’s this one here that we did and that lasts till about there after did the squigglies and I think I drew some people after that so there’s that one so I’m going to split that one off and actually you don’t need the audio since we already have audio that was just audio of me talking over it and then this other one here which I liked better was starts right there and then that one ends right there so let me clean those up and now I have these I don’t need the audio so now I have the videos just the video in the timeline for each of those different things that we just did both for it takes so what we have to do now is we have to slow this down so how do we slow this down you right click on this and darn it you can’t see it here because this is not being recorded but it says add clip speed or which you can actually do is highlight the thing that you want to speed up and then go to video effects and click on clip speed you can actually drag this on to that particular timeline that you want to speed up and so what happens is it says effect added you click on this and then on the right hand side here there’s this kind of Settings button if you scroll down you’ll see it says speed 100% now since we did that 23 percent I mean it’s not exact you know if we preferably we want 25% but audacity does it weird it’s like 23 and point 0.28 or 0.26 so basically we just want to speed this up 400% okay so there we have it there it’s sped up at about 400% I’m going to bring this back to the beginning and kind of zoom in and you’ll be able to see kind of what happens from the start hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm there you go those little drawings that we did and everything it’s kind of cut off a little bit because of the settings sorry but let me try one more time so you can see hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm goo doing little drawings so as you can see it’s sped up what we just did which is pretty cool if the audio is a little bit longer it would make more sense because you’d be writing certain words at certain points that match up with that audio and it would look pretty cool actually just like you saw at the beginning of this video now we’re going to go to this other piece of video that recorded the one that I liked better and see kind of what that looks like so I’m going to just move this one out of the way and bring this one back but again this one’s at regular speed right now so we have to speed it up again so I’m going to drag the clip speed tool on top of that it says effect added and then I’m going to go here to the settings bar the gear here and crank the speed to 400% and see what happens hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm all right so cut off pretty fast because there wasn’t any fun drawings at the end but you know you can play around with the you can play around with the width the length of this a little bit actually what happens if I go over there let’s see hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm and then I think I start talking and then start editing stuff after that yeah so you want to play around with this to make sure it lines up with the audio correctly and may thanks for visiting smart passive income comm so so yeah that’s basically how it works again this is a really difficult tutorial to create for you but that’s the basic idea get into audacity get an mp3 file in there slow it down it’s best if you have a script to go along with it so you can follow along because the voice is really slow and sometimes you have to figure out where you’re at or with what to draw next and then draw on Photoshop while that’s playing go into Camtasia or ScreenFlow and speed up the clip you can change the speed and see if it matches up better or move things around a little bit just just so it lines up more correctly but again I just wanted to create this for you and show you how was done and hopefully there’ll be a an easier way to do this you know I just learned this the other day and I want to show you how I figured it out if I figure out a better way to do these video scribing videos I’ll definitely let you know but you know I would love to see any of you try this and you know if you have a tablet already this would be something fun to to attempt so good luck I wish you all the best and thanks I’ll see you at

The correct formula to Add “Pop Up Text” to Your Videos

hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video i’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this pop-up text in video is a great way to hold your audience’s attention and really emphasize those important moments of your recordings and one way to do this is to screen capture yourself speaking over slides in keynote or in PowerPoint where each slide or each action within a slide reveals a new word so for example you can see I’m here in Quito right now I’ve just set up a number of slides where each slide kind of reveals another word so all I have to do is just screen record using some software like ScreenFlow or Camtasia and just simultaneously go to the next slide while saying those words with my arrow keys so for example I’m going to say pop-up text is awesome you know so that’s how you do it so let me zoom in for you so you can get the full effect pop-up text is awesome whoo now the issue with keynote or PowerPoint is that it limits you in the way that you can only create pop-up text over some sort of static image or background and I don’t think you can do pop-up text with any kind of moving elements again this is a keynote or in PowerPoint so how do you get pop-up text over your recorded videos moving stuff stuff that you film with your camera and that’s all done in post-production so you film the stuff first then you use software just like ScreenFlow or Camtasia once again to add that text in there when you’re saying those words and I’m going to show you how I do that in ScreenFlow right now okay so here we are in ScreenFlow and you’re actually looking at the ScreenFlow file for this exact video that you’re watching right now we’re here at the beginning of the intro which you’ve already seen at the top of this video this is the intro video there’s the audio below it and then at the five to five and a half second mark you’ll notice these text elements each one representing a different word that pops up at a different time on the screen I’ve already placed them I’ve already scaled them and stuff and I’ll show you how to do that in a second but I’m going to show you what happens when I press play in this little red line moves from left to right I want you to notice what happens on the preview screen here when that line hits the beginning of each of these text elements so I’m gonna press play for you now hey what’s up everyone it’s Pat Flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video I’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this and really that’s all you have to do is put text elements on the timeline where you want them to show up making sure they’re above the layer that your video is on and they’re going to show up where you want them to and you can scale them you can rotate them if you want you can change the colors and for each of the different words so I’m going to show you how to do this really quick so just as an example I’m going to add pop-up text when I say my name Pat Flynn at the beginning of this video so I’m just going to walk you through this so I’m going to rewind I’m going to press play it what’s up everyone its path length okay so it happens right around here so I’m actually going to zoom in so I could find the exact wavelength here in the audio file where I say my name is easier to kind of find it that when you want to be pretty precise so it the pop ups are crisp and clean so what you can actually do is kind of look at your face if you’re speaking or kind of listen to see where exactly you start to say the word that you want to put a pop-up text for so if I look at my face at surround right there that’s when I first say my name so what I’m going to do at that point now that I’m hovered over this moment in time is click on the text properties box and then add text box as you can see that adds a text element here if I scroll all the way to the top of the timeline you’ll see it added this element in the timeline for me I’m going to double click on that and change it to my name Pat I’m going to move it I’m going to use the text properties area to change the font here to franchise to match the rest change the font size here but you know I actually like doing it better in the scale area in the video properties section just because you can get a little bit more precise and then there’s just kind of ugly background behind it so I’m going to go back to the text properties section and just get rid of that by that backdrop setting so as you can see it says Pat there now if i zoom out and you’ll see that when I start the video from the beginning it should come in at the precise moment that I say my name hey what’s up everyone its Pat Flynn from all right so that that’s how it works now just to make it easier for you because I know you’re going to do more than just one word what you can do to kind of shortcut your way there is to highlight the one that you just did copy it using you know ctrl C or you can go to edit copy or whatever and then click command V or ctrl V to paste that automatically places another set of text the exact same one in the timeline above and you can kind of move that around and kind of guess where your other one is going to be you know obviously want to be precise and we can do that in second but making sure that one is highlighted I’m going to change the text to my last name Flynn now it’s obviously too big so I’m going to scale it down a little bit and I’m going to move it below my name there I’m not going to be totally precise with it right now but I just want to show you so let’s see if let me guess that’s going to happen right there and we’ll try to play it everyone its path length from smart too soon so what I could do is actually zoom in and you use the same technique and look at my face is so funny they’re probably right there so now let me start the video over and see if that works hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income dot all right so as you can see that that worked out now how do you finish this off now if I just leave it as is you’ll see that Pat will end first and Flynn will end second if this goes on and in this video I’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos see that’s kind of funny because that overlaps with some of the text I did there so you can actually shorten the length that these show up I’m going to match them up and ScreenFlow makes it nice and snaps it for me and just to finish them off nicely I’m going to right click at the end of this time here and click on add ending transition and what this does is you can you’re able to I’m going to right click again and add cross dissolve you know there’s different types of transitions but I usually just to cross this off and that what that does it kind of gives it a nice fading effect at this moment time so if I scroll over this you’ll see see kind of how it disappears and it leaves room for those other ones that come in later so let’s start from the beginning and see what happens hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video i’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this all right awesome and then it goes into my little bumper video intro there so that’s how it works that’s how you can add pop-up text to your moving videos using ScreenFlow and you can also do the same thing with Camtasia Camtasia has both a Mac and PC version so you PC users can use Camtasia for that now there’s one tip I want to give you don’t overdo this I’ve seen videos before that do this on every single word and it’s just that’s crazy because it’s going to take a lot of time and also it kind of decreases the impact of this effect you want to use this only at your most important parts of your video as you can see I use at the beginning in my video when I ask the question or I said what the video is going to be about or if you have a really important point in the middle of your video you know this is a great place to add that element don’t overdo it it’s just going to waste your time and it’s going to decrease the whole effect of this particular technique so I hope you enjoyed that tip I can’t wait to see what you come up with feel free to ask me any questions if you have any and I will do my best to answer them and I’ll see you on the blog please subscribe and I’ll check you out at yeah

Orderly Passive Earnings Video Intro Bloopers

hey what’s up all people it is Pat Flynn from good passive earnings comm and at present I wish to present you only a only for enjoyable video as a result of I shot some footage with my son this morning which I used to be going to make use of for an intro for some video trick video that I used to be going to do however I made a decision to take every of these ideas out and separate them into separate movies for search engine optimisation functions and simply to make it quick and fast for individuals who are on the lookout for that info however I the footage I had was so good with my son I simply desires to share it with you lots of you know the way a lot I care about my household and that is only a actually enjoyable second that I wish to share so first you are gonna see the video that I used to be really going to make use of and then you definately’re gonna see some bloopers after that so I hope you take pleasure in issues hey what’s up that is Pat Flynn from and at present I’ll present you some video tips that I utilized in a few of my youtube movies so you should utilize them too alright keone let’s go preserve going push push push push hey what’s up all people it is pat flynn from good passive earnings again okay cease all people what’s up it is Pat Flynn from

Edifying On-line Promoting With Jay Brown

hey what is going on on that is Jay once more I am coming to Tower with one other video truly it is a part of the final video I shot I used to be reviewing some questions that folks ask me on a regular basis and I simply wish to get a pair extra of these questions out some individuals requested me that is for those that’s already in a home-based enterprise or MLM community advertising firm and that is advertising on-line you already know and making an attempt to earn a living individuals ask me that why is not this working for me I have been making an attempt so arduous I do the whole lot my sponsor or coach inform me to do and it looks like nothing works I am simply gonna offer you my data on this and what I’ve been via and what has no occurred to me prior to now once I could not get issues to go the way in which I wished to go one factor is I caught myself doing that I used to be far and wide you already know and that proper there’s a huge downside for individuals they will not stick to one factor you already know they all the time strive one thing for our day and the following day they fight one thing else they usually simply maintain making an attempt stuff or they maintain becoming a member of these completely different kind of packages that is a giant mistake as a result of you already know you you bought a grasp you bought a masters or one thing separately you possibly can’t simply maintain leaping far and wide you bought a guess say in case you studying the way to do Fb advertising or any social media marking it keep it up stick to that one advertising technique and grasp it after which you already know transfer to the following one do not simply you already know maintain leaping all over the place since you do not offer you time your self time to be taught that one talent and also you simply you will not see no outcomes you already know and in case you maintain becoming a member of packages you already know you are gonna maintain spending cash and you already know simply it is only a waste of time they usually learn there’s a huge downside for individuals and I simply you already know wished to get that out and perhaps that’ll profit you and I am not gonna make this video so long as I did the final once I say it was gonna be about two or three minutes and I truly made it 5 minutes you already know some individuals do not have the persistence to sit down there and watch a video that lengthy so I am simply gonna do one query at a time and simply be out be looking out for my subsequent video as I overview some extra questions and hope it you already know be a blessing to you and right now in peace and prosperity

Packages to Support It SEXY in Your Household with Your Cash

hey that is jeff rose from and I am bringing budgets again as a result of individuals with out bud simply do not know how you can act they spend their cash and so they do not preserve monitor they do not know the place the cash goes okay it does not rhyme anymore hey right this moment I am doing a visitor video weblog for my man j-money from budgets are attractive as a result of they’re and right this moment I wish to share with you 4 issues for issues that aren’t attractive relating to managing your cash okay here is the very first thing on the not attractive listing not checking your credit score report it is estimated that thirty-eight % of you haven’t accessed your credit score report and I do know you have not as a result of it is extraordinarily tough to do go to click on the report right here comes and it is tremendous costly it is free yeah critically you don’t have any excuses not checking your credit score port no less than as soon as per yr it is free individuals examine it be sure that all the things is so as as a result of should you do not and then you definitely go to purchase a home you go to use for a automotive and then you definitely get denied that is not attractive since you’re gonna get this look out of your spouse coming at quantity two on the not attractive listing not contributing sufficient to your 401 Ok or Roth IRA now you see me bust out my strikes with the Roth IRA motion so you understand i really like the Roth IRA however that should not be the one factor that you ought to be saving into you wish to be saving no less than twenty % of your earnings into whether or not or not it’s your 401okay in your IRA so why is that not attractive as a result of by not saving twenty % and never having sufficient earnings at retirement now it’s a must to inform your partner that you may solely stay off one sixteenth of what you had been residing off of and that is a brand new definition of wonderful eating is the greenback menu at McDonald’s simply because I levy babe I will get you two cheeseburgers and a few french fries numero three on the not attractive listing not instructing your kids the fundamental idea of cash and how you can handle cash so think about you are retired you are residing off one sixteenth of your earnings since you did not put it aside up in your 401 Ok you are residing off the mcdonalds greenback menu do not in walks your grownup little one who’s coming to borrow cash once more as a result of their credit a large number they’re shopping for crap they do not want they do not know how a lot is their checking account they’ve by no means checked their credit score report all since you did not give them the fundamental classes of managing cash that ain’t attractive and now citing the final attractive level not placing sufficient into your emergency fund everyone knows we have to have financial savings everyone knows we have to have emergency funds however let me let you know a cause why think about your automotive breaks down you may have any money to pay you have not checked your credit score report so you’ll be able to’t get a bank card as a result of your credit score sucks cannot pay money as a result of you have no financial savings so now it’s a must to hawk your spouse’s engagement ring on the native pawnshop let me let you know what occurs not solely are you getting the demise seem like we have seen earlier than you are additionally going to get objects thrown at you within the spirit of j-money the place budgets are all the time attractive reminding you to comply with these 4 monetary tricks to preserve attractive in your family that is jeff rose sand piece

Invent You Genuinely Want Passion to Revenue On-line?

hey all people what’s up it is pat flynn from good passive earnings calm and as we speak i’ll deal with the query do you really want ardour to revenue on-line and my fast reply is properly sure and no and I am going to clarify why in a sec when making an attempt to determine what to do on-line what kind of area of interest to get into you lots of people say it is advisable be captivated with that area of interest so as to achieve success it is advisable stay it it is advisable breathe it eat and sleep it you understand the place you simply cannot cease occupied with it and keenness helps sure and if you happen to’re captivated with one thing that is the plain place to start out however I would not let not having ardour for one thing maintain you again from you understand seeing if you can also make a profitable enterprise out of it there’s something nevertheless that you just do want an ingredient that is completely crucial so as to take an concept and mould it into one thing profitable and that’s curiosity it is advisable have an interest within the matter nut not essentially passionate though like I mentioned that does assist however there’s a distinction between curiosity and keenness if you are interested in one thing you are not essentially respiration it or occupied with it 24 hours a day 7 days every week 365 days out of the 12 months you understand however when a subject of curiosity comes up it may maintain your consideration sufficient to make one thing profitable me for instance I am not passionate concerning the safety guard coaching business however I used to be serious about sufficient to construct a safety guard coaching web site it is now rating primary and producing an honest earnings and I am serious about it sufficient to stick with it and attempt to make it even higher so that you is perhaps asking properly why you understand how did I get serious about safety guards within the first place and really do have a connection to the business and that is via my mother who’s a safety guard and you understand your connection to no matter issues you might be serious about can be totally different in fact now despite the fact that you do not must be passionate a couple of matter you continue to must have ardour not essentially for that matter like we mentioned however for 2 particular issues one it is advisable have a ardour to assist folks serving to folks spans throughout all niches and markets and the extra you may assist folks in no matter matter the extra will come again to you in return and secondly it is advisable have a ardour for enterprise for being an entrepreneur you understand not only for getting cash i imply that is essential it is it is it is good to need to make more cash however that is not what a enterprise ought to be all about it ought to be about you understand the love of experimentation enhancing issues like site visitors and conversions in buyer expertise and consumer interface and your product and you understand simply eager to be the most effective there may be on the market that is that is what you must be captivated with so if there’s one factor you can take away from this video it is this if you happen to consider it you are in case your mind thinks of an concept you’re considerably serious about it so if you happen to’re struggling to discover a nature or one thing to get into write down each single concept that involves thoughts you understand begin with one thing you are probably the most serious about and you understand even when it is one thing you are not captivated with and simply go along with it you understand take motion and use the fervour that you must need to assist folks and make one thing superior and the fervour that you’ve got for entrepreneurship and simply achieve success in no matter area of interest you are going to get into so what do you suppose do you want the fervour or is curiosity sufficient to seek out success I might love to listen to what you suppose so go forward and go away a remark beneath and I might love to listen to your ideas thanks a lot and I am going to see you at good passive earnings calm

Most efficient On-line Checking Chronicle Rates

This is Jeff Rose from
Let me ask you a question. How many of you
enjoy paying fees on your checking account?….Didn’t
think so. I hate paying fees on my checking
account so I know that you hate paying fees
So what’s another option? Welcome online checking
account. Most of us have been raised where
we go to a brick-and-mortar location. You
walk inside, talk to a teller, hand them your
check and you’re on your merry way. In this
day and age, online checking has become much
more popular, much easier, and much cheaper.
Let me explain.
I know a few years ago I never would have
considered doing online checking. Yes, I do
online bill pay with my brick-and-mortar location,
but to not actually have a physical location
where I can go make a deposit and talk to
a teller just seemed weird to me. After having
to set up a business checking account, all
the sudden we had to start paying fees, and
not just 5 bucks a month. We were paying about
$35 a month just to have another checking
account, and it just did not make sense.
I started exploring online checking accounts.
Here is what I found: Most of them are free.
Yes, online checking accounts are free! You
can go to ING. You can go to EverBank, Perkstreet,
Ally, and all these are going to offer free
checking accounts. With that, you’re going
to get a free ATM. You can get personal checks.
You can get free bill pay. We all like free,
Most of these online checking accounts have
no minimums. They don’t have any silly charges,
and they have awesome customer service. I
talked to a lot of people that have ING online
checking and they absolutely love it.
I think one of the biggest hang ups though
is how you actually make a deposit. If you
have a check that you need to deposit into
your bank, how do you do it? ING and Ally
now offer e-deposits, so you can actually
scan the check and deposit it that way, which
is amazing. Technology is absolutely amazing,
and ING is taking it one step further where
they are developing an awesome app that you
can use on your iphone to help manage your
accounts and also make deposits too.
If all those features weren’t good enough
to want you to consider doing online checking,
then think about Perkstreet or EverBank where
they’re actually giving you either high-yield
interest rates on your checking account -yes,
you’re actually getting paid in interest
on your checking- or they actually give you
rewards for using your checking account just
like a cash-back credit card.
As you can see, online checking is getting
very, very competitive. If you’re comfortable
doing online access, doing online checking,
be sure to head over to the blog and check
out my post for the best free online checking
accounts to see if there might be an option
available for you.
As always, if you have any questions, feel
free to hit me on my blog or my Facebook fan
page. I will be glad to help you out in any
way I can. This is Jeff Rose from
Take care.
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