Preserve shut the Pension or Roll into IRA? Lump Sum Distribution Choices on Pensions

you’ve been working your job 20 to 30 years and now you have a big decision to make what to do with your pension do you take the monthly annuity payout for the rest of your life or do you roll that over into an IRA and take the chance of putting it in the right investments don’t deny it this is a very very big choice and you want to make sure you do the right thing before you make that choice let me give you three important things to consider before deciding what to do with your pension number one do you have a spouse most pensions provide a spousal benefit to where you’re going to get a payout for the rest of not only your life but your spouse the only downside to that is typically it’s a reduced amount that what you get if you just took it by yourself now after you pass on your spouse should get half of what you get if you decline the non spousal benefit but either way you need to figure out if the reduced benefit is enough for you and your spouse or if something happens to you is the fifty percent payout going to be sufficient enough monthly income for your spouse the second thing to consider is the amount how much are you getting per month and also how much are they offering you as a lump sum as an example one time I had a client who’s offered a hundred and eighty thousand dollar lump sum payout and he was definitely enticed it was the largest check that he would ever got in his entire life but the thing was that he was going to get a 2,000 $2,500 a month lifetime benefit and he was only like in his mid-50s so we ran the numbers and it was it made no sense to take the lump sum payout vice versa I had another client who has offered three to four thousand dollars a month as a lifetime payout in a lump sum that they were offering him was only between two to three hundred thousand dollars so it made complete sense to not take the lump sum to take the monthly benefit obviously the other thing to consider is whatever the monthly annuity pay that they’re offering is that even close enough to what you need per month to survive in retirement and the last thing that you need to consider when deciding what to do with your pension is do you want control do you want to have control on your money when you choose the annuity lifetime payout you’re getting a paycheck for the rest of your life but if you ever need more money if you ever need a larger check you no longer have access to that by rolling that over into an IRA you can then start getting the same paycheck that you get your pension you just have to make sure that you’re choosing the right investments that is key but if you do roll it over into an IRA and you do need more money for a medical expense or a vacation or whatever fill in the blank at least now you have access to get that money those are just a few things to consider as far as what to do with your pension if you have that choice the last thing that I want to throw out there are – is your kids your beneficiaries typically if you choose the annuity payout and you had children and both you and your spouse pass on the pension ends there is no benefit passed on to your kids so by rolling that into an IRA you now have built a potential legacy plan for them if you have any more questions about pensions or anything financial planning related you know where to find me this is Jeff rose certified financial planner we’ll see you soon

Produce a Clickable US Association for FREE – Like a flash!

hey my title is pat flynn and welcome to create a clickable map calm a very 100% free on-line device i created that will help you make clickable maps to your web site let me present you ways this works on the left hand aspect you may see the map hyperlinks space and that is the place you are going to manually enter the hyperlinks for every state that correspond to that web page in your website so for instance for those who had a web page for the state of alabama you possibly can simply merely put HTTP wwii com alabama or no matter your explicit URL is for that state and right here i’ll enter the title possibly the title is alabama state require its oops necessities now when somebody hovers over that state on this map after you generate it in put it in your website you may see it says the title beneath after which after they click on on that hyperlink they’re going to be taken to that web page easy sufficient now you may change the colour of every state individually for those who select to take action by clicking on this field right here inside every state so i am gonna change alabama to blue for instance now for those who wished to alter all of the states colours you may go right here to the final choices space click on on all states colours after which click on on any colour you want and all of the states will change now let me simply go over the final choices space with you actually fast the width and the peak might be modified they’re you realize there is a sure ratio there so for those who change one the opposite will change too so I am gonna change the width to 500 to match the type of width of the textual content portion of my wordpress weblog for instance after which as you may see the peak modified as effectively the font you possibly can change proper right here with this drop-down menu there’s just some to pick out from we went over all states colour already the states hover colour as you may see after I hover over the state’s they flip white I can change that actually shortly by simply utilizing this feature right here now as you may see they’re yellow the background colour is the background colour of effectively I assume it ought to be to your website so in case your background colour had type of a crimson colour you may you realize choose crimson right here so it type of blends in to your website slightly bit higher however I am simply gonna change this again to white the label colour is the colour of the textual content on every state if you’re not hovering over it as you may see it is white right here however I can simply merely change it to I will change it to inexperienced exterior label colour these are for the labels exterior of the state for states which can be too small to really put the textual content inside so that is you realize I am unable to get the choice to alter this colour in case the background colour of your website would not work effectively with this grey colour so I am gonna change that to crimson and the hover label colour that is the colour of the textual content if you’re hovering over a specific State as you may see Montana right here is black I am gonna change that to white so now after I hover over it you may’t see that very effectively let me do a crimson then now if you hover over in Montana or some other state it is gonna present that crimson hover label colour for a border that is simply merely the precise borders round every state you may have it a strong colour or you may have it dashed or you may haven’t any line in any respect the sprint seems to be fairly cool I will simply maintain it strong and you may change that colour with the border colour possibility right here so I will change this to white present HTML hyperlinks this can be a particular device particularly in case you are aware about web optimization what this may do for those who truly flip this on is it will create a set of hyperlinks beneath your map if you generate the map script and paste it in your website that is good as a result of this can be a flash map it generates a flash map and you continue to desire a hyperlink displaying up in your web page to that exact state for web optimization functions for a SEO functions so let me present you what that appears like right here that is one in every of my websites it is a safety guard coaching as you may see there’s the map that I positioned and under that you’re going to see a set of states and every of those correspond to the identical hyperlink that if somebody have been to click on on one of many states right here on the map in order that’s once more this may be learn by engines like google the flash map can’t so I gave you that possibility there in order that’s present HTML hyperlinks after which this final possibility right here hyperlinks open new window that is precisely what it seems like for those who flip this on meaning every time somebody clicks on these hyperlinks it will open up in a brand new window for those who flip it off it can open up in that very same web page now one last item for those who should not have all of the states for those who do not if you do not have the URL for all the states that is okay you may depart them clean the one factor is if you create the flash map it will nonetheless show that exact state but it surely simply will not be clickable you may nonetheless hover over it however when somebody clicks on it nothing’s gonna occur in order that’s it so I hope you loved create a clickable map comm once more it is 100% free I might created this for you as a result of I spent you realize about 60 bucks making an attempt to create one by myself and had it outsourced and every part and I believed you realize I might prevent some money and time by doing this now if you would like to pay me again simply merely like this web page or Google +1 it or tweet it out or all three that is all I want from you after which that will be you realize I am very grateful for those who do this and that is all thanks a lot and please unfold the phrase and I hope you do effectively with this and I want you all one of the best of luck deal with Thanks bye

Easiest 3 Meat Steak Chili Recipe Ever!

hey this is jeff rose I wife has nominated this to be our Christmas Eve tradition dinner and I think the real reason is because that way she doesn’t have to cook but that’s just what I’m saying but today I want to show you how to make it and actually this is going to be a multi-part video because it is a two-day process but today I just want to show you the ingredients how to prep it for tomorrow and then tomorrow rush to do the cooking and the tasting so let’s take a look at the ingredients okay here we are looking at the ingredients for the steak chili recipe the very first thing that you absolutely have to have is an iPad or a laptop handy so that you can follow the directions now I must say that this actually is not my steak chili recipe my buddy Jeremy from genetics finance finance actually it’s his recipe I have just tweaked it a bit and kind of made it my own so the first ingredients we have are the meat and some of the I think one of the key ingredients here we have the Bob Evans zesty hot pork sausage for a little bit of spice in there we have the ground beef sirloin and then we have the round steak now the other slight changes I have made is the poblano pepper and I actually have never had a poblano pepper until this recipe the recipe calls for one I’m a spice guy myself so I like the spices up so I had an extra poblano pepper in there and my wife she doesn’t like spicy as much as I do but she really likes this recipe just a couple other ingredients you’ve got the crushed tomatoes I always add some extra tomato sauce it seems like whatever the recipe recommends I always have to add that more to make it a little bit more saucy you’ve got the chili beans you’ve got the liquid smoke and the Worcestershire sauce now the one thing that I’ll mention again here whatever you’re using this liquid smoke I always like to put some plastic on my hands because when you’re mixing the meat which I’ll have to do here this stuff literally stays on your hands for at least a day or two so your hands is reka liquid smoke no matter how much you wash them and the other key ingredients we have the cayenne pepper and we have the coriander C the ground coriander seed do not buy the pellet I made them mistake the first time and then we also have the ground cumin I’m going to mix all this stuff up here we’re going to get it all cut up so check back with me here in a second and I’ll show you the next step all right I’ve got all the ingredients cut up I’ve got all the steak cut up the green pepper the poblano pepper the garlic and everything and the onions all mixed up and now I want to show you how you get your hands dirty and what makes this recipe a lot of fun all right so now that we’ve got the liquid smoke we’ve got the Worcestershire sauce and I’m totally going against what I said earlier but as I said you won’t might wanna have some plastic but I’m going without it so all you gotta do is just dig in and just get it all mixed up and so once we get all this mixed up we are then just going to seal it and we’re gonna stick it in the fridge and then tomorrow we’re gonna Brown the meat and finish the chili so we’ll see you tomorrow with the second step okay let the cooking begin it is nowaday – and I’m actually starting this a little bit later than I would like if you’re going to be serving this for dinner you usually like to start cooking around noon so that way it gives us enough time to get the cookie – all the spices and all the ingredients to simmer and really get in there so I’m already starting to brown the hamburger as you can see here you’re gonna need a pretty big skillet now don’t try to cook it all at once it’s gonna take me about probably five or six batches of browning the meat and then once you get the meat browned you’re going to need a big big pot we’re gonna check back after I get the meat Brown and then we’ll be adding the sauce and everything else to it and the bean so we’ll see you soon okay we are going to add the tomato sauce I have browned all the hamburger and dumped it into the big pot hopefully you can see there and now I’m going to start adding the crushed Tomatoes go ahead some of the herbs and spices this is the coriander seed some black pepper a little bit of kosher salt some red cayenne pepper can you see I like a little bit of spice and it looks like either add some cumin but that is not open yet so we’re gonna go ahead and stir this up a little bit just so you can kind of see how it looks so it looks kind of thick now and after this simmer for a good while you’ll start seeing more liquid to the top but we’re definitely going to be adding some more tomato sauce here as we go five or so hours the chili is finally done now I have a little special surprise that I didn’t mention this before but the little extra changes I made to this is that I have made this into a chili mac so we have a three meat steak chili mac and I’m getting ready to have my first taste of the evening beautiful it’s Christmas time let’s celebrate guy more questions you were to find me for the best state chili recipe ever Merry Christmas

Target Date Mutual Funds – Why I abominate them and also you are going to own to, too

This is Jeff Rose,
Today I want to talk about something that
I absolutely hate, target-date mutual funds.
What are they? If you have a 401K then you’ve
probably seen them. These are the mutual fund
or investment options that you’ll see that
have the year after it. For example, you’ll
see target date 2040, or target date 2025.
Essentially what you are doing is choosing
an investment strategy that resembles the
year that you expect you will retire. Let’s
say you plan on retiring around the year 2040.
You would then chose that target-date fund
and you set back and let it do its thing.
As you get closer to that year of retirement
that target-date fund will generally get more
conservative, hoping to protect what you’ve
accumulated to that point in time.
So why do I hate them? Why did I use such
a strong word? I’m usually not that aggressive
as you’ll see in a lot of my other videos,
but I’m just not a big fan and here’s the
reason. When you actually look at these target-date
funds, typically these are structured to where
you have anywhere from 12-18 different mutual
funds in this one target-date fund. So yes,
you are diversified. If you actually take
those funds on an individual basis and start
breaking them down and seeing the fees associated
with them, their performance and all the other
components that make a good mutual fund, typically
in my experience you’re going to see maybe
seven decent funds in those target-date funds.
The rest of them are just crap, pure crap!
There is no way on an individual basis that
you would ever put any money in those mutual
funds, but you don’t see it because it is
wrapped in this target-date fund.
Just here recently I have several clients
come to me that had these target-date funds
and in their 401K they had other options.
They had several options. Instead of choosing
that one default target-date fund, if they
would’ve done some research and done the a
la carte method, as I like to say where they
individually pick the mutual funds they have
in their own 401K, we were able to show them
how they could increase their performance
sometimes 1-2-3% and in one case 4% more than
what they got over the last several years.
Even more so they were able to decrease their
risk. We use a term called beta to measure.
I don’t want to get too technical here, but
anytime that you can reduce your risk and
generate more return, isn’t that what we want
to do? That is just what the target-date funds
don’t do. Yes, you have to do your own research.
Yes, you have to tweek it as you get closer
to that retirement, but if you’re getting
that much more return why wouldn’t you do
it? If you aren’t comfortable doing it, why
not hire a financial planner to do it for
you so that way it takes away you having to
do the research? You’ve got a professional
to help you out.
That is why I do not like target-date mutual
funds. I have a blog post that is going with
this video that actually shows you the real
returns of the target-date funds versus the
a la carte method that we were able to do.
Check out the returns. If you have any questions,
Good Financial Cents is where I’m at. That’s
where I’m at, so come check me out. We’ll
talk to you soon.
The opinions voiced in this material are for
general information only and are not intended
to provide specific advice or recommendations
for any individual. To determine which investment(s)
may be appropriate for you, consult your financial
advisor prior to investing.

Financial Rant: Making Pennies into A whole bunch of 1000’s and Magic Bunnies to The Rescue

hey that is jeff rose aunt so this couple got here in that they have been their mid-30s and so they had these massive targets and aspirations or retiring early on the age of 50 and I really like after I hear stuff like this as a result of I would like individuals to retire early so the dialog went slightly one thing like this hey Jeff we need to retire the age of 50 as a result of we do not need to work the remainder of our life properly that is nice so how a lot do you guys have saved oh we’re doing okay we have got some financial savings in a 401okay and stuff stretcher the preliminary speak I begin going via the statements to see what I can discover and I am going via it and I am going via it and one thing’s not fairly including up and after I get accomplished including all the things up that i’ve saved at that time the grand whole was seventeen thousand {dollars} that’s it did he simply say seventeen thousand {dollars} 17like solely 17,000 are you kidding me that is joke proper april fools not no that is not a joke seventeen thousand {dollars} is all they’ve say between all their 401 KS their financial savings account their checking accounts and their investments seventeen thousand {dollars} I imply come on what do you suppose I am a magician and make a fast seem out of my hat abracadabra come on little buddy and produce me some cash there isn’t any manner that they are gonna be capable to retire to age of 50 no manner in any respect so I needed to break the dangerous information to him so that you do understand if you wish to retire the age of 50 you are gonna have to love save a billion {dollars} from now till then why what do you imply are we doing a superb job of financial savings no they nonetheless did not get it and I needed to break the information to them I had to attract down a patent paper and allow them to know that there isn’t any manner except they need to actually amp their financial savings so for those who’re certainly one of these those who I feel you can take change and switch it to one million {dollars} in a single day suppose once more hey can I make investments this and purchase a penny inventory and simply retire wealthy please as a result of I simply do not actually need to work that lengthy that cool it isn’t going to occur I am bored with seeing individuals suppose that they’re saving sufficient and even near it and these individuals have been identical to that it is time to get up individuals begin saving begin investing and are available again all the way down to actuality that is jeff rose there isn’t any manner they are going to have the ability to blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you already know what if blah blah blah there was no manner that they are going to be revealed a bit blah blah blah she’s pretty get it proper

5 Mini Online page positioning Tricks to Abet You Acquire an Edge on the Opponents

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Pat Flynn from and today I’m going
to share with you five quick mini SEO tips
to help you gain an edge on your competition
on your quest to get to the top of Google.
Now you might be wondering, well, why are
mini SEO tips so important when there’s so
many bigger things to worry about when it
comes to SEO? My answer is this: The thing
is your existing competition, the sites that
are already ranking in the top 10 in Google,
they’re already doing those big SEO things
that we should all be doing already anyways,
and they’re doing them really well. That’s
why they’re ranking so high. They’re already
having the key word in the URL of their pages,
in the title of their pages, in the description.
They’re already building quality backlinks
to their site and writing unique helpful content,
for both Google and the users of their site.
They have a sitemap in place and all these
other things that we should all know and should
be doing already anyways. It’s these small
things that can make the difference, because
when it comes to SEO, you’re actually not
competing against the search engines. Whom
you’re competing against is other websites
and all you have to do to outrank another
website is just do a little bit better than
them. These mini SEO tips, these are things
that not very many people think about or they
don’t even take the time to do because they’re
so small, but together, they can really make
a big difference over time.
Now if you implement one or all these things,
you know, your site’s not going to make a
drastic change overnight. These things take
time. SEO takes time. You should know that
if you’ve tried this already. But if you do
this, you can get an edge on your competition
over time.
So, let’s go ahead and get started with tip
number one. The first tip is to make sure
you include images in your blog posts. Now
I know a lot of people do this already, but
they don’t do it properly in regards to search
engine optimization. They’ll add images to
make the posts look better, which they often
do, and they’ll add images to strengthen the
points that are made in the article, which
is also good. But a lot of people don’t know
that you can actually do some good SEO work
with your images. The thing about images is
Google and other search engines, as smart
as they are, they can’t look at an image and
understand what it’s about or what it’s relevant
too. There has to be some kind of behind the
scenes data or some metadata with that image
for them to understand what it’s about.
So, there’s three things that you have to
be concerned about. One is the file name,
two is the title of the image, and three is
the alternate text of that image. The first
step is to actually find an image that is
relevant to your content and then change the
file name to match a target keyword that you’re
targeting for that post. So as you can see
here, I have an image. It has a funky file
name because I downloaded it from
and I’m going to change the file name to match
the keyword that I’m targeting in this particular
post, which is SEO Tips. I just change it
to SEO Tips and that’s the first step. The
second step is to upload it to your blog post
with that file name. I’m going to select files
and find it here, open. Once it’s done uploading,
all you have to do is scroll down and change
the title to match the same exact keyword
as you did in the file name. So, SEO Tips
for the file name and SEO Tips for the alternate
text and then you’re all set. Now Google can
understand what this particular image is about,
which is beneficial because it shows that
your article or your blog post is more relevant
to that particular topic, which will help
you in the search engine rankings. You can
also get found by Google image search as well.
So I’m just going to make sure this is the
right size and I’m going to insert it to the
post on the right hand side. And there you
go. So now I’m going to preview this to show
you what it looks like and you’ll see that
when I scroll over or when I hover my mouse
cursor over the image, you’ll see that alternate
text pop up, or the title of that image pop
up just like that. There it is, SEO Tips.
So as you can see, now there’s some data behind
that image that Google can read in regards
to this particular post and image. So that’s
good. So that’s step one. That’s how you should
approach images for your blog posts.
Now, quick thing. If you’re adding multiple
images to your blog post, I would only do
this on the first image. Any other images
below, I would change the file name absolutely,
and also the title and alternate text, but
match different keywords that are relevant
to the content, maybe secondary or tertiary
keywords that are relevant to the content
in that space that you’re going to insert
that particular image. So I would only do
that once. You don’t want to keyword stuff.
You want to keep things natural. But again,
this is a great tip, a great mini SEO tip
to help you with your images. So be sure to
do that.
The second tip is to decrease the number of
words in your permalink or URL that’s created
when you write a new blog post. The thing
is, you don’t need all those excessive words
in there, words that don’t do anything for
you SEO-wise. You can chop it down a little
bit and make it more targeted for your specific
keyword by increasing the keyword density
of the overall URL.
If you don’t know what that means exactly,
here’s an example. As you can see, the title
of this post is Five Mini SEO Tips to Help
You Get an Edge Over Your Competition and
what WordPress usually does is it just creates
the exact match URL. Five Mini SEO Tips to
Help You Get an Edge Over Your Competition.
That’s a little excessive. You don’t need
all those different words in there. So what
I’m going to do is I’m going to make this
a little bit better for SEO, I’m just going
to call it Five Mini SEO Tips, and that’s
it. Or it could be something like just Five
SEO Tips or just SEO Tips, whatever you want.
But as you can see, I got rid of a lot of
the garbage in there for the URL. It’s still
going to be okay in the title, and of course,
the title should be compelling and magnetic
and attention grabbing and it’s probably going
to include a lot of words, but you don’t need
all those words in the URL. Just target your
URL a little bit better and you’ll be that
much better off. So I’m just going to call
it Five Mini SEO Tips and click OK. And then
when I publish it, that’s what the URL is
going to be. And also, as a side benefit,
it’s just easier to memorize. That’s the second
Tip number three is to create a Google+ page
for your website, you can do this by going
to, and you can get
set up fairly easily. The reason this is important
is because this is Google’s social media platform
and the more involved you can get with Google’s
social platform, the better off you’re going
to be because a lot of search is being driven
by social these days. I’ve heard of a lot
of websites who’ve seen really good stuff
happen as a result of just creating a Google+.
It’s still early in the game so you can get
ahead of your competition if you get in pretty
fast. So, I would create a page as soon as
possible. It’s not that difficult to do. I’m
going to show you my page for Smart Passive
Income and I’m going to show you really quick.
I’m not going to go into the ins and outs
of a Google+ page but I’m going to show you
really quick where you can add your website
so you can get a link back to your site as
well. I’m pretty sure it’s a nofollow link
but again, it’s coming from Google so it is
relevant and nofollow links are just as important
as follow links coming back to your site.
So this is kind of the stream for the Smart
Passive Income Google+ page. To really quickly
edit it, you can go to your profile here,
which is a circle with a person inside. Then
you can click on edit profile here on the
right-hand side, and then you can see down
here, under the about section, there’s a spot
for your website. That’s where you can change
this link and have it point back to your blog
or your niche site or whatever. And that’s
good. Of course, I would put an introduction
and try to make this a real social page and
try to connect with people, if possible. I
mean, it can only help you. Then whenever
you come out with a new post, you can include
a link here on your stream and write about
it and talk about it and try to share it and
get +1s for it and it can only do good for
your website. So again, this is another quick
SEO tip that will help you. You don’t need
to spend so much time on it, unless you want
to, but it just takes a little bit of extra
time to potentially make a lot of things happen
for your website. So that’s tip number three,
creating a Google+ page for your site.
Tip number four is to create a YouTube channel
for your specific website. Even if it’s a
little niche site, I would still do this.
the reason this is important is not only because
videos, if you embed them on your posts and
they’re relevant to the content, that’s really
helpful for SEO and showing authority for
a specific keyword that you’re targeting,
but also the channel itself. You can create
links that point back to your site. remember
YouTube is owned by Google so we’re just kind
of showing more relevance here, integrating
ourselves more with Google to build our authority
for the specific keywords that we’re targeting.
The way you add links is, even if you’re not
a partner, you can do this. You have your
channel set up. You can add graphics and change
the colors if you want but the links come
into play here. So on the right hand side,
you can see the About area. What I’m going
to do is click on this edit button and it
will open up these editors. I can change the
information here. I can actually integrate
Google+ and Twitter and Facebook, which I
would do. Also here, down below, this is where
you add the links. So you can add the title
of the link, like Smart Passive Income, or
whatever target keyword that you’re targeting,
and then the URL. It’s that simple. Click
add and be sure to click on apply at the top
and now when I scroll down, you should see
that link added right there. It’s that easy.
Again, that’s going to be very powerful for
showing relevance for those specific keywords.
So that’s a great quick and easy tip and again,
I would try and create videos for your specific
site and embed those videos into your blog
posts. Try to match the keywords and the tags
and make the description relevant. Include
a link in the description back to that blog
post or your home page and it’ll be all good.
It can only help. That’s actually been a really
powerful strategy that I’ve been using on
my own niche sites.
The fifth and final tip has to do with affiliate
links, so if you have affiliate links on your
site or on your blog or niche site or whatever,
this tip is going to be relevant to you. Now
the idea is to make sure that your affiliate
links, or links to CPA offers or anything
like that, are nofollow links. They have a
nofollow attribute connected to them. What
that basically means is, it tells Google when
they’re crawling through your page to basically
just ignore that particular link and just
not count it at all in the overall algorithm
and scheme that’s going on on your site. Now
this is kind of hard to explain and I’m going
to use an analogy that I just came up with.
I don’t know if it’s the best analogy, but
it kind of makes sense. If you think of your
blog like a juice box and inside is your SEO
juice or the authority that you have for whatever
keywords you’re trying to rank for and just
your page in general. Now every time you put
a link on your page, it’s like poking a hole
in your juice box and, as a result, some of
that SEO juice gets leaked out. Now sometimes
that’s okay if those holes are poked by links
that are relevant to the content on your page.
So it’s good to link out to sites that are
relevant to the content on your page. But
when you link out to a site that is like an
affiliate link or a sales page or a CPA offer
or something like that, Google sees those
types of sites as being more low quality and
not really that relevant to anything. They
kind of discount them. So as a result, if
you don’t put the nofollow attribute to them,
it’s like poking a big hole in your juice
box and a lot of that SEO juice and authority
that your site has is going to get leaked
out and you’re going to have less of it as
a result. So the idea is to make sure that
your affiliate links have the nofollow attribute.
Now there’s a few different ways you can add
the nofollow tag to your affiliate links.
The first way is through basic HTML. I’m not
even going to show you that because there
are some more automated ways that you could
do this. The first way is through a plug-in
called Tiny MCE Advanced and I’ll show you
this plug-in really quick. Here it is down
below here. Tiny MCE Advanced and what this
does is it adds a couple more features and
plug-ins to your WYSIWYG editor and also some
other things in the back end of your site.
Some things are helpful, some things I don’t
even touch. But the whole purpose of this
plug-in as far as the nofollow link is concerned,
is that you can insert a link like you normally
would using this popup here like you normally
would in WordPress but now this has this advanced
tab. That’s what comes with this particular
plug-in. you can click on this advanced tab
and then once you have your affiliate link
in there or whatever link you want to put
the nofollow tag to, you go down to relationship
page to target and in that drop down menu,
it says nofollow there at the bottom. I’m
going to click on that and hit update. Now
when I preview this, I’m going to preview
this, then go into the source code, and show
you that it actually is a nofollow link. I’ll
show you what that looks like in HTML. So
there’s the affiliate link right there. I’m
just going to right click, view page source,
and this looks pretty crazy but I’m just going
to click command F and then type in Market
Samurai and, as you can see right there, it
says REL=“nofollow”. That means that this
particular affiliate link is a nofollow link.
So that’s one way to do it.
going back here to the post, another way that
I like to do it is I like to put most of my
affiliate links through a plug-in called Pretty
Link for a couple of reasons. One, it makes
the link look a lot better, so if I open this
link up now, you’ll see it says
That one doesn’t look too bad but a lot of
times, especially links that come from Amazon,
there’s a bunch of letters and numbers and
it gets all crazy. But what I like to do here
is actually I like to put that crazy link
into a plug-in called Pretty Link and I’m
going to do that here for you right now. So
you can download the plug-in called Pretty
Link. You can just use the Lite version for
what you need to do. what you do with this
plug-in is it actually makes your links look
a lot better and also, at the same time, it
keeps track of those links which is nice as
well. So I’m going to put the target URL,
which is this Market Samurai affiliate link
here, and then I can create my own Pretty
Link. So I can call it whatever I want,,
I’m just going to call it MS1 for now. I like
to create Pretty Links for even the same affiliate
link across different pages. That way I can
track which page is performing better than
the others. I can give it a title or description
if I want. That’s just for my own purposes,
but I’m just going to hit create really quickly.
There you go. It shows the title of the page
there and also the link that you would use,
which would redirect people through that affiliate
link and again, it makes that link all nice
and pretty and it has your URL on it. Now
the point of this for the purposes of the
nofollow attribute is if you go to the options
menu here, and then you open up link options,
you can actually make sure that all links
add the nofollow attribute by default. So
any new links that you create automatically
have that nofollow link. And also, actually,
I would change this to a permanent 301 redirect
as well. Update the options. Now I’m going
to go back to the admin and I’m just going
to copy that Pretty Link. And now I don’t
even have to do anything. All of my affiliate
links that are done through Pretty Links are
going to have that nofollow attribute. So
it’s pretty much done automatically for me.
So that’s another benefit and reason why I
like to use Pretty Links.
So I’m going to go back here to the post,
I’m going to change that link to the Pretty
Link, and so that means I don’t even need
to deal with this advanced tab anymore, even
though it is nofollow. It doesn’t matter if
it’s there twice. So I’m going to hit update
and then publish or save draft, update, or
whatever and you’re all good. So that’s a
nofollow link and that will happen across
the whole entire board if you use Pretty Link.
So that’s it. Those are the five mini SEO
tips that I have for you today. Hopefully
they were helpful, not too hard to implement,
and I recommend that you do them so you can
at least give yourself the best chance to
rank better than your competitors. So good
luck. Thank you so much for paying attention.
If you haven’t subscribed to the channel already,
please do and awesome. Good luck. Thank you
and I’ll talk to you in the next video.

The Vitality of Environment Your Targets – Clark Hazard – Motivational The plot through which to Video – 2012 – (three of 5)

hey how’s it going guys at this time the important thing idea that I really feel nobody actually offers worth to anymore and we actually solely do it loosely about every year and that is usually round New Yr’s hey do not must be rocket scientist to determine at this time’s video is gonna be about goal-setting and we’ll truly undergo a system on the finish that will help you obtain any objective it doesn’t matter what measurement objectives are so essential they act as a map so you already know the vacation spot is as a result of if you do not have a vacation spot you will in all probability get there each time now if you have not observed by now shifting on catchy phrases and quotes and all that jazz and one other one I feel that actually applies that failing to organize is making ready to fail swimming pools are the groundwork that you’ve got laid to maneuver on to larger and higher issues if they are not there all the pieces else is gonna key them earlier than we get happening truly setting our objectives I would like you guys to consider beginning with the tip in thoughts don’t be concerned concerning the how fear concerning the why as a result of the deeper rooted your why is the extra doubtless you’re to succeed actually needs you guys to hyperlink these objectives to 2 core values I am going to provide you with an instance from my very own life one among my core values is is dedication this is likely one of the strongest issues I’ve as a human being if I do not comply with via it turns into a much bigger challenge as a result of it is linked to one among my core values it isn’t a lot that I did not obtain my objective it is that I dedicated to somebody or individuals allow them to down and now they’ll now not belief me let your previous decide what’s actual to your future as a result of in the event you preserve specializing in the previous you will by no means transfer ahead okay guys as I transfer into setting our objectives I like to interrupt mine up into three classes and bear in mind it from our final video not do not simply suppose it ink it as a result of objectives which are written down are simply desires so listed below are the three classes that I like to interrupt my objectives up into inside exterior and contribution or relationship objectives for inside objectives that must deal extra with with private growth and who do you need to develop into exterior objectives are the extra materials issues that the matter however they are not all the pieces they’re you need to lose 20 kilos otherwise you need to work on your small business or that journey you’ve got at all times needed to take with your mates the final class I like to interrupt my objectives up into our contribution objectives or relationship objectives I feel these are an important guidelines of all as a result of for me the key to residing is giving now you in all probability suppose that effectively Clark simply setting a random ball would not truly make it occur and I could not agree with you extra as a result of our objectives have to be adopted up with a plan of motion so inspiring that they will pull you in direction of them an important half you could have that objective is beginning to finish in thoughts and shifting backwards bear in mind about specializing in the why the deeply-rooted why after which worrying about the home partitions are the roadmaps essential to realize any quantity of success so I encourage you to rewatch this video and we spend a while reflecting writing down what you need to obtain in your life as a result of it is your life management it do not let life you