Inexperienced Present cloak Setup for Advantageous Passive Earnings

hey everyone what’s up that is pat flynn from the sensible passive revenue weblog thanks for becoming a member of me in the present day on this fast video i simply wish to showcase some new tools that i acquired really it is not new as a result of it has been sitting in a field for 2 months however loads of that i bought a inexperienced display screen and eventually acquired it up this previous weekend as you possibly can see the display screen behind me is inexperienced however with the wonders of know-how all i’ve to do is snap my fingers in BAM i am on the seashore and the seashore is wanting fairly good proper now climate is gorgeous in san diego however know all of it on and all honesty actually i’ll be utilizing this know-how to type of improve the movies that I will be doing whether or not I am educating one thing or if I am doing a product launch or introducing some new software program that I am popping out with which i plan on popping out with very quickly be capable to simply be like BAM there’s my product and I feel could be actually cool so when you’re concerned with inexperienced display screen know-how and the way I’ve this all arrange head on over to the weblog when you’re not watching this there already you possibly can go to sensible passive revenue com / inexperienced display screen and I will have hyperlinks most likely amazon affiliate hyperlinks simply to let to all of the totally different items of kit i am utilizing i am utilizing to type of floodlights proper now on the aspect of me and positive most likely be utilizing a 3rd one within the entrance to gentle up my face a bit bit extra on the inexperienced display screen and a belief system holding up that inexperienced display screen and actually i had a extremely laborious time with this display screen again right here ironing it out as a result of it was fairly wrinkling when i acquired it that was most likely the toughest half about this complete factor simply to get all of the shadows out however in any case try the weblog sensible passive revenue calm / inexperienced display screen and a ahead you to the weblog submit the place i am speaking about these items and yeah i hope you get pleasure from this video and we’ll benefit from the future movies that i do utilizing this know-how so thanks guys very a lot that is actually all i acquired for you in the present day simply actually comfortable to lastly get this up and begin working with it so look out for some extra movies quickly utilizing the inexperienced display screen and for now I am simply going to ah thanks guys a lot for every little thing you have performed for me to date and I am going to see you quickly thanks bye

Starting up a Profession as a Financial Consultant (

hey this is Jeff rose good financial sense calm welcome again glad you can join me today I want to talk a little bit about a question or actually want to answer a question that I get quite frequently from the blog lot people find my blog a lot of these people are want to get in the industry you know watch become a financial adviser and a lot of times will ask me like hey Jeff how did you get started you know what can you give me some some tips before getting started as to be a financial advisor or a financial planner so you know I thought the best way to answer that I’m actually working on a post to that I’m actually seeking the counsels from from some other financial advisors and kind of how they got started but today I really just want to kind of share my story how I got started and what kind of you know let me down that path to kind of where I’m at today so hopefully this is helpful and inspirational for any of those that want to follow in my footsteps so speak or anyone’s asepsis a financial advisor so basically my story I was a finance major at Southern Illinois University and honestly did not really know what I wanted to do I know that I was going to be in finance I knew I was going to be in numbers I’d always had been in sales throughout my younger life I think the first job I had first real job was selling party goods supplies it was in high school that later turned into a job at Radio Shack where I was selling electronics and then in college I was working at GNC at a nutrition store in the mall selling vitamins and protein powders all that stuff so that’s always kind of in my nature I always liked helping people and have especially trying to help problem it helped her problems or solve solutions for them so anyway I was going to southern oil University majoring finance and right about the end of my junior year it kind of hit me that I really hadn’t done anything yet as far as experience yes I was working you know a part-time job yes I was in the National Guard so I had some good resume stuff I really didn’t have anything that was really centered around finance so I kind have one of those pucker moment from like hey I need to do something so I kind of looked in the area and needed I realized hey I need to do an internship of some kind so at the time there was an Ag ed words office in our town here at Carbondale and my dad knew one of the advisers there so he kind of put a phone call in for me and kind of you know found out who I need to talk to so I applied and for an internship between my summer summer vacation so speak between my junior year at senior year and I got it now this internship was not much of anything you know I filed I did paper shredding uh-huh and just a lot of the the basic administrative type things that you expect an intern to do um they really get a lot of experience of the fact that hey I got my foot in the door you know I had to have that there was at that big step you know I showed up each and every day you know wear my shirt and tie looked professional and you know the other big thing was you know making connections yeah I met some of the other advisors there I got started inquire about the business and somewhere along the way I was actually helping out one of the assistants she was assistant to one of the top producers there in the branch and I just had did some filing for her and when I started in the finding I realized that they kind of hadn’t went through the files in a while so I kind of really improved her filing system tightening it up for him it just really made it more manageable and you know nothing nothing extra special I mean to me it was you know it seemed like the right thing to do so it wasn’t like I was really doing anything over me up above and beyond I thought you know was necessary so that made a really good impression on her and then she went to the producer and said hey you know at that time that producer actually was looking to hire a part-time college student to help her out you know what some of her tasks so she went to him and kind of said hey you need to take check out take a look at this Jeff guy he did an awesome job for you know for me helping me out so I had a quick little interview he asked if I was interested and I thought you know what the heck might as well hey oz are working 20-hour 20-plus hours a week why don’t take on an extra 15 hours you know working here and my senior year so I started working there part-time about 15 hours a week Monday Wednesday and Friday and just basically doing I was basically a glorified intern meaning I was actually paid now and just doing a lot of similar tasks had to then do it for four but the one big difference was in this case I started he had me start cold calling for him and if you don’t know what cold calling is you know it basically is that annoying telemarketer that calls you in the middle of dinner or your favorite TV show and interrupts you to see if you’re interested in meeting with a financial advisor I was that guy sorry if that was you and I interrupted your favorite show but I just basically would call and see if they had any interest in meeting with him because I wasn’t licensed oh I couldn’t you know set the appointment at least College see they want to meet with him and it was pretty nervous you know nerve-racking I never really had anything in my life but I thought you know what that could give it a try and sure enough I actually end up setting a few appointments with him before he excuse me so we set some appointments and he was really impressed by that you know Here I am you know this is kid in college you know doing some cold calling and you know getting him appointments and he was really impressed by that and we kind of continued our discussions and he actually had made me an offer to hire me as a junior broker to work underneath him and initially I turned it down because I was interested I felt I was too young I really didn’t understand the business all that well and I had this bigger vision of moving up to st. Louis working at some corporate job you know writing the corporate ladder and just that was kind of like my goal my vision and as graduation started getting closer the job that I thought I had lined up turned out had fallen through turns out the company actually had a layoff and with the hiring and you know they always say don’t put all your eggs in one basket well I kind of had because that’s where I wanted to work that’s you know I I just felt that’s where was going to be and turns out it was it so here we are you know graduations is a few months away and then so I thought hey what am I going to do now so I entertained the offer again we had another discussion you know about the job the job duties etc and somewhere in the first part of the year of 2002 I accepted and I knew that once I graduated that I was going to become a junior broker at age Edwards and Sons and that’s that’s basically how it got started and from there I not you know I got my licenses I started doing more cold calling you know say more appointments and it just kind of became me I guess you know I end up finding into being a good fit for me so after a year of being a junior broker I end up branching off on my own I actually outgrew the junior broker position and became my own advisor was able to keep all my clients and that’s how it was up until the point that I got deployed Iraq but that’s how I got started in the business you know it was the internship that led to the part-time job that led to the junior broker position the ultimate led to me become my own financial adviser you know obviously says that I’ve left and you know helped to co-found the you know my own investment firm Alliance investments and you know that was kind of the past so there are many many different paths that you can go but for any of those that you know if you’re really really interested in becoming a financial adviser I think my path is is a good one to mimic just because you do the internship it gives you you know a good hopefully good understanding of of the position and you know basically what really needs to become a financial adviser I’m amazed that you know many people don’t really really truly know you know what we do like they kind of have this Wall Street boiler room impression of you know kind of what we do and you know obviously that’s not the case but then you know I also say that I’ve had other interns that followed after me once I actually became you know a financial adviser I try to return the favor you know to my university and allowing interns to come in you know and work underneath me except I want to get have them get more of a feel of what what really meant to be a financial advisor so I had them actually doing some cold calling for seminars and in such an intimate tacitly kind of knew what really really took not just the filing and the the paper shredding that I had to do and after me I’ve had least four if not five interns that ended up becoming a financial advisory with some other firm or at least involved in the financial services industry so you know it worked for me it worked for them you can easily work for you so if you’re you know still in college and you’re still wondering or you really think this might be a good fit for you you know do do an internship do several internships actually I did some mock interviewing for the university about a year or so ago and met this young guy who had already had done two internships with two big firms and was getting ready to do his third and I mean you talked about light light years ahead of the competition I mean this guy knew what he wanted so it was it was pretty impressive so now if you if you’re currently working you’re not in school do you want to do it I know the internships kind of tough because especially if it’s a non pay but there are some paid internships so you still might be able to you know do a paid internship to kind of see if that’s really a good fit for you so I really hope that was helpful obviously if you have any more questions and you want to hit me up you know just shoot me an email or contact me I’ll be at the blog and I’ll be glad to assist you in as much as I can and just kind of give you my tips and you know my expertise you know and hopefully you know have you walk down a career path that ends up being you know the perfect fit for you so thanks again for checking in and stop it in and listen to the videocast here so stop by and we’ll talk too soon

Methods to Beginning Your Comprise Enterprise (

That is Jeff Rose from
Right now I wish to speak to the entrepreneurs
and all of the wannabe enterprise house owners on the market.
Should you’re wanting to start out a enterprise, a small
enterprise, I wished to present some recommendations on how
you possibly can go about doing so. I received a bit
little bit of a style of this each time I left my
outdated brokerage agency and cofounded Alliance
Funding Planning Group. We turned small
enterprise house owners and it actually opened me into
an entire new world that I actually wasn’t accustomed
to. Having been on the W2 worker aspect for
principally all my life and now changing into a 1099
impartial contractor and having to handle
among the day-to-day objects that come alongside
with being a small enterprise, it was a studying
expertise. Fortunately, I had a superb CPA to assist
me alongside the way in which, and I had some companions
to stroll by way of a few of these points. Hopefully,
among the ideas right here that I can share will
offer you some perception so far as if you’re
desirous to develop into a small enterprise proprietor your self.
The very first thing you may wish to take into account is
how is the enterprise going to be arrange. What
I imply by that’s are you going to be a sole
proprietor? Are you going to be a companion,
partnership, or is it going to be a company?
These are some stuff you’ll have to search out
out. Clearly, when you’re a solo store, you are
going to be a sole proprietor.
The opposite stuff you’ll wish to additionally take into account
is do you wish to type an LLC? An LLC is above
my experience. I simply know that restricted legal responsibility
company signifies that I ought to have some
safety within the occasion that one thing was
to occur to our enterprise. You may wish to
seek the advice of an legal professional, somebody that may be a topic
matter knowledgeable in that to raised assess that.
It’s one thing that when you’re forming a enterprise
you would possibly wish to look into the extra
price that forming an LLC will do. We did that
with our follow right here, and I am truly wanting
to do this with Good Monetary Cents, truly
forming that into an LLC and another issues
as nicely. One thing to think about, however by going
the LLC route clearly there may be further
price, so these are among the issues that
you may wish to take into account relating to beginning
your individual enterprise.
One other factor that you will wish to have a look at
so far as beginning your online business is what’s
going to be your location. For lots of small
companies that is enormous. You all the time hear the
phrase, “Location, location, location!” For
us this was very robust initially as a result of we
got here from an workplace that was a newly constructed
workplace, newly constructed and it was stunning.
Within the city that we reside in there wasn’t
lots of out there workplace area, particularly
at very reasonably priced costs. Being a monetary
planning agency, we knew that we needed to have
one thing that was considerably respectable. We
regarded round and we truly discovered a shared
workplace area that allowed us to lease out 5
places of work and it had a shared convention room,
loos, and a secretary that was a part of
the constructing. Initially it made it very, very
reasonably priced till we might discover our now present
workplace that you simply see right here. That was neat to
discover that, but it surely was additionally an emotional pressure
looking for that proper workplace. So location,
are you going to lease? Are you going to purchase?
Possibly you reside in a spot that permits you
to construct, very similar to a small space like ourselves.
The opposite factor is possibly you possibly can simply work
out of your own home. That will also be a really
possible choice for you. Considered one of my finest buddies
is a photographer and beginning off he did not
have an workplace. He did not have a location.
He truly would meet with folks at a restaurant
or a ebook retailer for his or her preliminary conferences
so far as understanding the contracts to do
their images. Now, as his enterprise has
grown he now has his personal studio, but it surely took
a while to get to that time.
You do not wish to begin off too huge. I had
one other buddy who’s a chiropractor, and
he labored for an additional chiropractor, ended
up beginning his personal enterprise and went out
and acquired a really good constructing, lots of
gear, which I’ll discuss right here in
a second. I wish to say inside six months
he went below. He principally spent manner too
a lot initially and as a small enterprise proprietor
you need to watch that. You’ll be able to’t exit
too loopy and simply begin spending lots of
cash. You wish to take into account location. You
clearly wish to have a superb location, however
you even have to take a look at what price or what
worth that will likely be to you.
The third factor that you will wish to take into account
when beginning your individual enterprise is your gear
and as I discussed my chiropractor buddy,
he went out and acquired the largest, baddest
gear that existed. He was spending tons
and tons of cash. I did not actually perceive
the chiropractic follow, so I simply assumed
that is what he wanted. Then, after he went
below I had another buddies which are chiropractors
that principally let me know that he spent manner
an excessive amount of. For our enterprise we did not want
lots as a monetary planning follow, however
we wanted printers, computer systems, desks, submitting
cupboards, faxes, cellphone traces, pc networking.
All these issues we needed to take into accounts.
As you are trying to begin your small enterprise
you may wish to do a fast stock of the
issues that you simply want and the issues that you simply
can possibly do with out. That’s some issues
that you will wish to significantly sit down and
do as a result of I do know with us I used to be so used to,
at our outdated workplace to the place I had all the things
offered for me. We had this business grade
shredder. We had all of the little workplace issues
that you’d want like a paper cutter, three-whole
punch, staplers; simply all these little issues
that have been all the time offered for us. Now as our
personal enterprise proprietor we needed to exit and purchase
it ourselves. You develop into a bit bit extra
price acutely aware if you’re these
objects and also you principally begin to notice what
the issues are that you are able to do with out to
attempt to prevent some cash to have more cash
in your pocket versus paying out for pointless
One other factor you may wish to take into account as a
enterprise proprietor is advertising supplies and
the way in which that you will go about advertising
promoting. With us being a brand new monetary
planning follow, we have been type of fortunate in
a way as a result of I had shoppers that have been hopefully
going to comply with me each time I switched my
agency so we weren’t essentially ranging from
the bottom up. We nonetheless felt we wanted to
have some stationary, clearly enterprise playing cards,
envelopes, some brochures that simply talked
about our new agency and what we provide, how
we differ from the place we got here from. That was
some up-front prices that we needed to take into account.
On the advertising aspect or the promoting aspect
we truly did not do an entire lot. Like I
mentioned, we benefited from the truth that we already
had an present clientele, however when you’re a
model new enterprise that’s one thing you have got
to think about. Are you going to do Yellow Pages?
Are you going to construct a site? Are you
going to do advertisements on Fb? Are you going
to rent somebody to possibly deal with your social
media marketing campaign? Clearly, as a brand new enterprise
proprietor that’s most likely going to be you, so
you need to just be sure you’re expending
your efforts appropriately. As a brand new enterprise
proprietor, clearly you do not have some huge cash
coming in so by utilizing a few of these free instruments
like Twitter or Fb you possibly can actually get
your identify on the market, however you need to make
certain you are not placing an excessive amount of time in there
as a result of you’ll want to make gross sales or generate
revenues to maintain
that enterprise going.
Should you’re
within the strategy of wanting to start out
you are not fairly there but, one piece of recommendation
I can inform you is to attempt to begin producing
a shopper listing or a possible buyer listing
earlier than you even begin your online business. You’ll be able to
do that by gathering electronic mail addresses, names,
cellphone numbers, and so on. so by the point that you simply
get able to launch your online business you’ve got received
this database of potential prospects or shoppers
or advocates of your online business that they’ll
share with folks about your new enterprise
that you’ve got began and assist get that phrase
on the market. The massive factor about having your
enterprise achieve success is phrase of mouth. In
a small city, huge city, wherever, word-of-mouth
advertising is large. It is priceless. I gained’t
say it is easy but it surely’s low cost. The entire thing
is telling as many individuals your story and the way
you possibly can assist folks and how one can profit
them. By creating that listing earlier than you go
truly begin your online business that’s such
an enormous benefit to the place you do not have to
begin from scratch and get all that info
on the market.
I hope these have been some useful ideas for serving to
you begin your small enterprise. Being a small
enterprise proprietor, I’ll inform you at occasions it is
a problem however I would not have it another
manner. After I made that transition, it has been
the most effective and most rewarding issues
of my life, and I might by no means see myself going
again to being a pure worker of some huge
outfit. I like small enterprise house owners for
taking that threat, for taking that leap of
religion and to following a ardour or a imaginative and prescient
or some dream that you’ve. I want you the
better of luck. If I will be of any useful resource
to you, be happy to drop me a line right here at I sit up for
sharing extra info with you and catch
you subsequent time. Take care.
The opinions voiced on this materials are for
normal info solely and should not meant
to supply particular recommendation or suggestions
for any particular person. To find out which funding(s)
could also be applicable for you, seek the advice of your monetary
advisor previous to investing.

Suggestions to Get a Fb Landing Web page (HTML / iFrame Model)

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog that is me right there you can find me at smart passive income calm thanks for joining me today I just wanted to shoot this quick video for you to show you how to install the static HTML iframes tab application again that’s the static static HTML iframe tab now the reason why this is important is because starting March 11 2011 Facebook is actually getting rid of all FB ml type stuff you know another change that they’re doing that’s fine they’re getting rid of more things and changing things they’re getting rid of all FB ml so if you are trying to create a landing page after March 11th you know you can’t go the route that we did before which is use the static fbml application now we have to go with this one the static HTML iframes tab which is which is pretty cool and actually you know don’t worry if you already have a landing page that you made with FB ml those aren’t going away you’re not affected at all it just affects those who are trying to create landing pages and do you know create other tabs with FB ml you can’t do that anymore so starting March 11th you have to go this route in order to create new tabs and create a landing page that’s just what our goal is today so I’m going to show you how to do that right now if you already have a landing page you might consider you know starting over and doing this because there’s some cool things involved that I’m going to show you so basically I want to show you that and what’s nice is it’s HTML and you know we more people know HTML than FB email so you’re gonna have a bit easier chance to make your landing page look really nice add things like opt-in forms videos much easier than before which is the good thing now just for the purposes of this example when I show you the landing pages that you create I’m just gonna pop a picture up there and I’ll show you what those pictures look like now because I don’t want to get into the code or script or anything like that right now but if you head on over to /f b FB that’s terrible f b / FB that’ll that’ll be the blog post that’ll kind of in this video that will also have links to scripts and an HTML and the like button that you can use all there for you / FB that will redirect you to this blog post so these are the two images that I’m gonna embed you know and actually what’s cool is you’ll notice that there’s two one for fans and one for non fans now that’s awesome because you know the landing page typically is for the people who are non fans in and our goal with the landing page here is to get them to click the like button to become a fan you know it’s basically a squeeze page but now we have the opportunity to really easily create one that is for fans as well so people who become non fans will be able to see this one there’s some cool things you can do I’m sure you could think of things already I’ll go over those things in a second but just you know the width of these images are 520 pixels and the height could be whatever you want but but it’s a fixed width in facebook of 520 this particular image is 500 tall 500 pixels it could be however tall you want but this is just for the purposes of the exam of this example so I’ve already uploaded or kind of put those images onto a server and they’re ready to go so if you don’t have your own website where you could upload those pictures you can put them on to places like I’ve heard of people putting them in places like a Flickr and an photo bucket or Dropbox other places like that so if you don’t have a website that’s what you could do but I recommend if you do have a website obviously putting it on your website and in a folder somewhere making sure you you can recall where that is coming from because we’re going to need that in a second so the first thing you need to do is obviously create a Facebook page if you haven’t you know go ahead and do that you click on the button on the screen right now that’ll take you to the video about how to create a Facebook page now if you already have one this is what you have to do to install the static HTML iframes tab click on edit page here from your wall on your page and then click on apps here on the left hand side this it’s the fourth from the bottom and you’re gonna scroll all the way to the bottom and click on browse more applications right there now we’re gonna search for this application and to properly search for this make it easier for you just simply type in static HTML not FB ml HTML and iframe static HTML iframe an iframe singular not plural you’re gonna get different results with plural and this is the one we want right here this is done by a guy named jason pad Ravech i’m totally butchering this name I’m sorry Jason pad Borak gosh I’m sorry and he emailed me he’s an SPI readers and he told me about this and what it does and it’s awesome just in time for this change I’m sure there are other ones out there but this one I’ve worked I’ve done tests on it and it’s really good so the way you can remember this is it’s the star so click on that opens up the application and to install this on your page you’re gonna have to click on add to my page here on the left hand side really easy to install so add to my page you’re gonna select add to page to this particular page that you have as you can see I have multiple pages and then close and then I’m gonna head back to my page at and side so I’m gonna click on that and now I’m going to edit now you’re gonna see the image is already in there because I’ve gone through this process before but these these are the this is code and again you can go to /fb to get all this code to show an image or to show other things okay and this is HTML now so it’s it’s it’s code that we know or we we can hire someone that knows HTML really easily so this one up here actually it’s important to know that this box up here this field up here is for the non-fans and this one down here which is optional is for the fans only so as you can see i have code in there to show the image for non fans up here and the fans down here so to kind of save in preview what it’s going to look like I’m gonna click Save and view tab and what’s nice as I can now view my tab as a non-fan and view my tab as a fan so I’m gonna view tab as a non-fan show you what that looks like and there you go so so obviously wouldn’t look like this you’d have some type of HTML or better-looking image something that that is not this but so what kind of elements would you want to have on the non fan particular you know landing page again this is the page that people go to that are not fans and you want them to click on that like button again this is pretty much a squeeze page so the first thing you could do is you can add some copy up here that says something like click the like button above very clear call-to-action and usually the like button will be just to the right of the name of your page so that’s the first thing you could do the second thing to do is you can add some basic copy like who you are or what your business is about you know benefits about why they should become a fan or click that like button maybe you have some type of offer you know click the like button to get access to a free ebook or something like that our free seven-day eCourse free download another thing you want to add or another thing you can add is like a picture you know people connect with faces and people so this would be great memorable first impression if your picture was on there you don’t have to include all these elements to the I’m just throwing things off the top of my head a video obviously you can put a video in there and again this is HTML so it’ll be a lot easier to do than with fbml maybe I don’t know that you can put it all types of things on there make it look really nice again drive people to click that like button up there so now I’m going to show you what it looks like on the fanpage or when people become fans or what they see on this particular tab so to go back you have to click down here click back on the Welcome it takes you back to the editing area click Save and view tab and now I’m going to View tab as a fan so now I’m viewing the fan side of things so this is what people will see when they come to the page and if they click on that non fan page they click the like button this is what they’re gonna see now so what would you want to include on this particular page you want to include you conclude any number of things just simply like a thank you or you know if you have an offer you know you give them that offer make sure you fulfill those offers maybe a second video or another video here that says thank you or maybe it has a call to action to go purchase a product or something another thing to use an opt-in form to you know sign up for an email list here to get whatever it is that you’re offering you know links links to your website more pictures or images maybe your photographers more in your portfolio here links to Twitter you know an RSS feed there’s any number of things anything you could do in HTML you could do here so that’s what I recommend doing that that’s pretty cool now one other thing I’d like to show you before we end is that you can actually go back to this application and you can add more tabs so you can you can actually have you know more than one of these you can actually have up to three I think and you can have them do different things and if non-fancy them you know it’ll say one thing and if Fancy’s them it’ll it’ll be another thing so maybe it’s a free video something or maybe a free webinar or something again just other things that you could do to get people to become fans other things you could do to interact with them now before I go I want to make sure that you know how to make this particular welcome tab the landing page because right now we have this this tab but it’s not exactly the landing page just yet there’s one more step we have to do and so we’re gonna actually go back to our wall click on edit page here and now we’re gonna click on manage permissions now this is where we can set the default landing tab now we want to set it to the welcome now this welcome with the exclamation point I know is the old one the static fbml application the one we just installed which is going to be here at the bottom is right there so now I know that that’s my default landing tab I’m going to save the changes and there you go so now every time someone comes to my Facebook page for the first time they’re gonna see that non fan page and then it’s gonna have copy to help them click the like button and then they’re gonna see the fan one and really cool things can happen so I hope that all makes sense again 520 pixels wide you can have a non-fan one and a fan one the name of that application once again static HTML iframe tab and that’s it so hopefully that helps you guys thank you so much if you want to check out my Facebook page for the first time you can go to slash smart passive income or you can actually take go to the shortcut which is Pat on see what it looks like I probably will keep updating it and changing it and try to optimize it so again go to /fb if you want to go to the page where this blog post where this video is embedded to get more downloads and scripts that you can get to place on your site I’ll continually add to it so if you’re watching this you know the day after I posted this I might not have many things on there right now but I will continually add to it to hopefully help you out so thank you guys so much I really appreciate it I would love it if you become a fan that’s my call to action right there head on over click the like button I appreciate it and good luck to you and I wish you all the best thanks bye oh one last thing I wanted to share with you really quick is if you wanted to change the name from welcome to something else so it shows up differently on your on your wall you can go to apps here after you go to the Edit Page area scroll down to this FPL iframes tab and click on edit settings and there you could change the name to whatever you want it to be whether it’s free webinar it’s up to you but I just want to share it with you I totally forgot to put it in there so thank you guys take care have a good one

How To Hold Healthful And Match (

That is Jeff Rose from
the place usually I am exhibiting folks the best way to
make sense of their investments, however right this moment
I will do one thing barely totally different.
Immediately, I wish to offer you some tips about how
to remain match and wholesome. One disclaimer to
that’s attempting to remain match and wholesome is
not a straightforward factor to do and does not even come
naturally to me. It is one thing that I at all times
should work on. Simply to additionally offer you some
sort of again floor of what’s my motivation
or why am I am at all times attempting to eat wholesome
and work out and reside this wholesome life-style.
The most important motivating issue for me is the
incontrovertible fact that I misplaced my father to a coronary heart assault
not too way back. My dad was 67 years of age.
He was a smoker most of his life and as soon as
he stopped smoking he gained weight, did not
train, did not eat wholesome in any respect, and had
a number of totally different open coronary heart surgical procedures, a number of
coronary heart assaults, and the final one took his life.
For me, I did not wish to observe down that
similar path. I wish to be right here enjoying with
my youngsters when they’re older, and I wish to
be that outdated man that’s working alongside the
facet of the highway in these little brief working
shorts, like that 70-80-year-old man that
you see working alongside the road; that is what
I wish to be. I am not a runner, however that is
one of many issues that I aspire to. I would like
to be round for an extended whereas, wholesome, enjoying
with my youngsters. That’s my motivating issue,
and that’s the reason I wish to share the following pointers
with you right this moment.
The primary tip isn’t any shock. When it comes
to staying match and wholesome it is not rocket
science right here. The primary tip is to eat wholesome,
to eat proper. One of many issues that I strive
to do is to eat extra greens, and that is both
consuming extra salad, consuming extra inexperienced beans,
broccoli, no matter. Fill within the clean of what
kind of greens that you are able to do. The most important
objection lots of people have is that it
takes lots of time, additional effort to prepare dinner
this stuff. To purchase a bagged salad, purchase some
Romaine lettuce at your grocery retailer, it
does not take lots of time to place that in
a salad bowl, put some oil and French dressing
as your dressing and eat it. Eat that earlier than
every meal. One other factor is you may truly
go to the grocery retailer and so they have these
frozen luggage of both inexperienced beans, broccoli,
carrots, cauliflower, and many others. You set it within the
microwave for 4-5 minutes and then you definitely’ve
acquired scorching, wholesome, inexperienced greens there as
your facet dish for dinner or lunch. Do not
let time be an excuse when you may both
do the salad or do the frozen greens that
do not take you any time in any respect.
The opposite side is to eat loads of fruits,
whether or not that be apples, oranges, strawberries,
berries, no matter is your fancy, be sure
you get loads of these each day.
Going to the grocery retailer and placing them
in your grocery purchasing listing to take them
dwelling and have them in your fridge. It is such
a straightforward, fast factor to seize, whether or not it’s
a snack at dwelling or take it to the workplace and
to have that wholesome snack all through the
day. I am going to have one other tip for that to how
you get extra fruits in your weight loss program after I tackle
the following level.
The opposite factor is to by no means skip breakfast.
It is a laborious one for me as a result of I am a go-go-go-type
man and to really sit down and have a proper
breakfast is difficult for me. Truly I don’t
do it. I do it on the weekends and usually
I am going to have Cheerios, some milk, perhaps some
toast, and many others., however Monday via Friday it is
robust for me. Having two youngsters, quickly to be
three, having to get to work, drop them off.
I am positive lots of you might be in that very same scenario
the place it is laborious to really sit down and have
a nutritious breakfast. One approach to get extra
fruits in my weight loss program and have a wholesome breakfast
is my well being shake. I’ve a weblog put up on
it, and I am going to have some photos of the shake
right here. In my well being shake that I make every
morning I’ve milk, non-fat yogurt, raspberries,
blueberries, strawberries, ground-up flax
seed, and a few protein powder, all that blended
collectively so I am getting my nutritious breakfast
that is stuffed with all of the nutritional vitamins and vitamins
that you just want, fiber, protein, all that good
stuff. It takes me about seven minutes every
and each morning to make it. The most effective half
about it isn’t solely is it for breakfast,
however I am going to even have it as a day snack.
While you begin having these starvation pangs or
starvation cravings later in your day, I simply
drink the second half of that shake and it
provides me that full feeling that I would like, provides
me that satisfaction that I must proceed
with my day.
The opposite factor, which I’ve already addressed
is do not let your self get hungry. A variety of
folks skip breakfast, they eat a giant lunch
after which they are a zombie the remainder of the
day, and so they come dwelling and eat a very large
dinner. While you try this your physique is simply
storing all these energy and it is not using
it. You have most likely heard of the entire idea
of snacking all through the day or consuming smaller
meals all through the day, and that’s one thing
that I can attest to. Usually, I’ve my
shake within the mornings. I am going to have my shake
within the afternoon. I am going to have a pleasant, smart
lunch, usually go to Subway, Quiznos and
get a sandwich on entire wheat bread or I head
to McDonalds, and so they have some nice grilled
rooster salads there with a light-weight dressing.
I am going to have that smaller lunch, then all through
the day I attempt to snack on Fiber One bars or
one among my most coveted snacks. This stuff
are scrumptious. I am a chocolate man. They’ve
acquired a chocolate chip Fiber One bar that I
just about eat 5-6 days per week, one per day.
Over and above that, the fruits additionally make
a great snack to maintain these starvation pangs away.
Peanuts. Love nuts. Almonds, honey roasted
peanuts, pecans, no matter nuts you want, one other
nice snack. Yogurt, a lot of cheese, string
The second a part of staying wholesome and match
is you have to train. No ifs, ands, or
buts about it. You may eat wholesome and you may
see lots of great things from that. You would possibly
be wanting good on the skin, however you might have
to be good on the within. It’s a must to have
a great coronary heart, good circulatory system and
simply be in good cardio form. You realize you
should train. For me, one of many issues
I struggled with was as soon as I began working,
after I went from my school days the place I may
work out twice a day, work part-time, go to
class for a number of hours a day it was simple to
keep in form. When you truly go to that
40-hour, 50-hour, or 60-hour-a-week job and
you have acquired a household you are attempting to juggle,
it is laborious. I used to be understanding nonetheless after I
graduated, however the weight loss program wasn’t there, and
the exercises and depth actually diminished.
I actually wasn’t understanding the identical approach that
I used to be. I noticed myself gaining weight. What truly
helped me quite a bit was every time I used to be deployed
to Iraq. After I was abroad I used to be launched
to a exercise program referred to as CrossFit. CrossFit
is likely one of the greatest issues that I’ve been
launched to. The cool factor about CrossFit
is you may go to the web site, they’ve free
exercises that you are able to do. The web site now
is a bit excessive. They’ve some fairly hardcore
exercises, however there are some, when you’ve got
a CrossFit affiliate native health club in your space,
they’ll truly scale these exercises and
make them a little bit bit simpler should you’re new.
What I like about CrossFit is their brief
and so they’re intense, and also you get your butt
kicked in 20 minutes or much less. That is what
I like, particularly for a busy man like myself.
I’ve to get in there, get my exercise, get
my butt kicked, and get out and be on the
remainder of my day. That is why I like CrossFit.
It is a very intense exercise program. If it is
a 20-minute exercise, you are understanding the
complete 20 minutes. This isn’t going to the
health club, placing some weight on a bench-press,
doing 10 reps, resting three minutes, repeat,
rinse, repeat, repeat the entire cycle. The
entire time you are actually not understanding,
you are simply doing a number of reps on a bench and
some bicep curls, and many others. CrossFit you are doing
pull-ups and push-ups and energy cleans and
squats and working, and kettle bell swings
and bounce rope, and rowing machines, and all
this loopy stuff, nevertheless it’s an all-body exercise.
I am not simply speaking weight coaching, I am
speaking cardio coaching. You get the total
package deal, and that is why I adore it.
To complement that, what I do typically on
the weekends is I purchased into a type of
infomercials, P90X. You have most likely seen the
industrial late at night time. That program works
too. You could have some gear. You
must have some dumb bells, pull-up bar,
however that could be a good program. I’d advocate
it to somebody to a minimum of check it out. It is
a little bit bit longer. The exercises take about
45 minutes or so, nevertheless it’s a great complement
should you’re in search of one thing to do at dwelling.
The actual fact of the matter is you have to work
If these are a little bit bit too intense for
you, I can use my mother as one other case examine.
My mother, she’s a little bit Filipino lady, and
she used to run quite a bit and someplace alongside
the way in which she fell out of it. She stopped working
out. She stopped consuming proper. She gained
a bunch of weight. Then lastly one thing
triggered in her the place she wished to get again
into it. She began going to the health club. One
of the issues she began doing was Zumba.
I’ve by no means completed Zumba. I’ve seen some
movies. I’ve seen some folks on the outdated
health club I used to go to doing this dance exercise
routine. She loves it. She truly will not
shut up about it, nevertheless it works. She tells
me she’s in there for an hour doing this Zumba,
transferring her hips, no matter their doing, however
she’s sweating her butt off, and you’ll see
it. She has misplaced, I feel 20 kilos or extra.
That is, for my mother, whose about Four foot 11,
to lose 20 kilos, that’s lots of weight
for a little bit lady. She loves it. CrossFit,
P90X, that may be a little bit bit too excessive
for her, however she discovered a exercise program that
suits her, that works. She loves it; she enjoys
it. The most effective half, she’s reducing weight and
having fun with it on the similar time.
One other one is you must get loads of sleep.
You have heard it out of your physician. You have heard
it from on the information, watching no matter on
TV. It’s a must to get your eight hours of sleep.
That is one thing that could be a battle for me
as a result of I am a little bit of a work-a-holic. Whether or not
I am doing movies or working my weblog or spending
time with my household, sleep is one thing is
I suppose I’ve to do, nevertheless it prevents me from
doing lots of these different actions. I’ve
to wind down. It’s a must to let your physique wind
down. Take a great siesta to only let your
physique recoup from that day. Eight hours of
sleep is what’s beneficial. As a confession,
I feel I most likely common about 6-7 hours
of sleep. For me, if I get my six hours I am
good. I do know I most likely needs to be getting
extra, however that is all I must function. My
spouse however, she wants her eight
hours plus, and that is good. I am glad that
she will get it as a result of she deserves it as a lot
as she does for our household and our children and
every part that she does. So get loads of
One other tip that I’ll say is to scale back your
stress ranges, one other one that’s robust for
me as a result of as a lot as I’ve acquired happening there’s
at all times lots of stress with my enterprise,
with my weblog, with my movies, with my household
to only preserve at it, to maintain on it. I am at all times
difficult myself. One of many few methods I
have discovered to assist cut back these stress ranges
is to take a seat down and simply take a break and browse
one thing. Learn a e-book. I have been studying
the Bible and that has helped me immensely
simply to get away from every part, simply to
get away from the job, get away from the web site,
get away from any struggles which might be going
on in my life. Simply to take 10-15 minutes
of separation from my day by day actions and
simply go into the Bible or go into that e-book
that you just’re studying and simply take you away.
That has helped immensely.
One other tip that somebody shared with me as
far as lowering stress, which sort of goes
alongside those self same strains is meditation. I say
it and it nonetheless sounds bizarre to say it, however
in prayer, in studying the Bible, and studying
a e-book, you are simply taking a minute to shut
your eyes, simply clear your thoughts, clear your
aware of all of the issues which might be going
on and simply let all of it go. My gosh, should you
can truly try this for 10 minutes a day.
Take into consideration setting apart 10 minutes per day
to take a seat there and simply clear your thoughts and
how a lot that may assist cut back your stress
ranges. If you have not completed it, I recommend
you strive it. I promise you it’ll assist in
assist lowering a few of these stress ranges.
The ultimate factor I am going to say so far as staying
match and wholesome is you must sustain on
your physique. The best way you do that’s having your
well being checkup or having your annual checkup
along with your physician. I am unable to stress this sufficient.
It’s a must to go in for that annual checkup
simply to see what is going on on. You suppose you
may be good and also you’re understanding and also you’re
consuming proper, however you by no means know what may
be happening inside your physique you could’t
see that solely a health care provider can see. As I am filming
this video, I am on the brink of schedule
my annual checkup with my physician. Since coronary heart
illness runs in my household, it is a actually large
concern of mine. I simply wish to verify the
ole ticker to ensure every part’s on the
up and up, every part’s good and every part
else is working the way in which it ought to.
I hope the following pointers had been useful in serving to
you keep match and wholesome. I’ve another
articles on the weblog that may assist tackle
a few of these. I’ll have some hyperlinks and
some graphs with these, however I’ve articles
speaking about a technique I misplaced 20 kilos in
90 days, the best way to recover from 40 grams of fiber
in your weight loss program a day, and another good articles
on the weblog as nicely. Thanks for stopping by,
and I am going to have extra info to come back. We’ll
see you subsequent time.
The opinions voiced on this materials are for
common info solely and will not be supposed
to offer particular recommendation or suggestions
for any particular person. To find out which funding(s)
could also be acceptable for you, seek the advice of your monetary
advisor previous to investing.

Class Broadcast Interview (

This is Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents
and doing something fun
and different today. As you can see I’m actually
sitting in a make-up studio or you will. I’m
actually sitting here with Emily Eddington
who is a WSIL TV3 morning news anchor. This
is actually a different, flip-the-script-type
thing. Typically, I am on the morning news
being interviewed by Emily. I have to wake
up quite early for that, which she does every
single day. Today though, I wanted to do something
different and I wanted to interview her for
something that she does. It’s a passion
of hers. It involves some pink. It involves
a lot of makeup, some lipstick, gloss, mascara,
and some other makeup terms I’m probably not
quite familiar with. What I really wanted
to do first is just give an intro of how I
stumble upon Emily and this passion of hers
that she is doing. I had been on the News
3 for a few times being interviewed and one
of her co-anchors had mentioned to me her
Youtube channel. I had no idea. I knew of
Emily as being the morning News 3 anchor,
but did not know of her being a makeup expert,
call it what you will. Intrigued. As I got
into my blog and social media, I went to her
Youtube channel and saw that she had thousands,
hundreds of videos uploaded. What really,
really caught my curiosity or my interest
was she had just up uploaded a video not 17
hours prior and it already had between 15-20,000
visits or views. I thought, “Oh my gosh, this
is incredible!” To actually put a brand new
video on there and to have that many people
watch it in that short of time span, I knew
that she was on to something. She had a very
strong following, and I was just intrigue
to learn more about it. That’s why I wanted
to come today and just find more about Emily
or her Beauty Broadcast, which is her Youtube
JEFF: First, I guess I’ll just start, when
did you get interested in makeup and when
did that start for you?
EMILY: For me, makeup was just one of those
natural things that girls get into around
high school age. I was always interested in
it. Anytime, I went with mom to the drugstore
or to Wal-Mart, I would start to get this
interest in trying something new and picking
something up, seeing how I liked it, and the
whole trial and error of makeup was really
something I got hooked on. I remember helping
my friends out in college, doing other people’s
makeup just became one of those things that
I started to do. Then, slowly I guess I started
to realize what a makeup community there is
online. A lot of that centers around Youtube.
I started to stumble upon that, and that’s
really when I got going.
JEFF: You had mentioned you watching some
Youtube videos of some other makeup artist,
and you thought you could do this.
EMILY: Yeah, I was just looking up information
on a product. I googled something and a video
came up, so I watched that. I’m like, “This
is great to not just go through and read something,
but to hear someone explain it.” I don’t know.
The information stayed with me a little bit
more, and I just really took an interest in
that, watched a lot of videos before I thought
maybe I will try this. I was back in my apartment
before we moved here and just got a really
cheap little camera. The audio was bad. The
video quality was not that good, but I just
decided to start making a few videos and slowly
built up a following on there.
JEFF: Can you actually watch some of those
earlier videos? Are they still live?
EMILY: They’re still on there. Some people
take down their earlier stuff and kind of
try to pretend like that never happen, but
I think it is sort of cool to see how it’s
grown and see where it began and let people
see that people don’t start out perfect on
Youtube. It does take some time to build it
JEFF: I think a lot of what you’ve done with
your Youtube channel is a testament of you
just have to go for it. You have to try it.
You have to just jump right into it and learn
as you go. I can apply that with the blog,
Good Financial Cents to where I had no idea
what I was doing. You just start. You watch,
read a lot of blogs. I read a lot of tutorials
and self taught myself. If I go back and look
at some of my earlier articles and just how
I did it, how it was formatted. I don’t want
to say it’s embarrassing, but what you know
now you can go back into the tools you have
so that neat.
EMILY: A lot of people will ask me how do
you build up that following? How do you get
people to come to your site and watch? I think
some people expect that that’s going to happen
in a matter of a few videos. Then they’re
going to know, “Hey, I can do this or I can’t
do it.” I kind of think of it as people trying
to maybe open up a store and not having the
shelves fully stocked. You just need to make
a lot of videos and put a lot of stuff out
there and just consistently do it. Then people
will start to catch on and want to tweet it
or link it or share it with their friends
and give them something that they want to
JEFF: You mentioned earlier about how you
got to 2,000 subscribers on your channel.
Can you remember as far as how many videos
that took or how much time had passed to actually
get to that first level?
EMILY: Not for sure, but I’m thinking it was
a little under a year before I got to that
point. That was really exciting with every
person that subscribed how exciting that was
thinking, “Wow, this is really catching on!”
Becoming a partner was sort of the next big
step there.
JEFF: So to actually become a Youtube partner
you have to generate so many views on your
channel, correct?
EMILY: Yeah, you kind of need to show Youtube,
I guess that you’re getting a decent amount
of views and your making videos consistently
so they don’t have the idea that once you
make partner you’re not going to uphold your
end of the deal. That allows them to post
advertisements on your site and you can get
some ad revenue if people click on those ads.
JEFF: Actually, that was another thing I wanted
to get to. I think the one thing I love about
having a blog or any venture for that matter
is if it is a passion of yours and it’s something
that’s like a hobby almost. You do it and
it’s not like work, it’s just because you
want to do it because you enjoy doing it.
To actually make revenue from that, that’s
like living the dream. When you started Beauty
Broadcast, that wasn’t your intent, that was
just a side wind fall that came about, correct?
EMILY: Yeah, it was really like that hobby
that I wanted outside of my job. Doing news
related stuff, while I really enjoy that,
you’re not covering always stories that are
maybe so uplifting or really leave you pumped
up at the end of the day, if you know what
I mean. I just wanted that hobby back. I’m
out of college. I wasn’t doing cheerleading
anymore. I wasn’t doing some of the things
that I was used to doing, and I just wanted
that thing to funnel some energy into and
potentially help people. What keeps me doing
it and what makes me keep feeling the need
to make a new video every couple days is that
I hear so much feedback from people that it
really has helped them in their everyday life,
so that’s what’s been really fun.
JEFF: I know with the blog anytime I get an
email from someone and they say, “Thank you
for putting together that information to help
me make that important financial decision,”
that’s the payback. That’s the beauty of being
able to do that and actually put information
out there for people to help them out. That’s
Some of the stats I hadn’t shared yet with
her channel are you have over 105,000 subscribers,
which I can’t even digest that. That’s just
insane to me to have that many people that
are dedicated, that they want the latest and
greatest Beauty Broadcast. Then, you’ve had
over 14 million visits on all your videos
combined. Insane! That is tremendous. It just
shows to have a true passion and having a
want to do it and what the results can be.
EMILY: Yeah, I have made a lot of videos to
do that too. I’m well up over 500 videos now.
Like I said, I’m not one of those real Youtube
sensations that have put out some crazy video
of their cat doing something amazing and then
everybody in the world tunes in to watch it.
Over the course of a lot of videos word has
spread I think. I do hear from a lot of people
that say a girl finds it, they tell their
mom, their mom tells the rest of their family
and then their all communicating about what
they just saw or what they are going to try
and go out and find based on what I’ve talked
about, so that’s really cool.
JEFF: It is cool. I remember my first month
that I had my blog I was so excited when I
cracked 25 visits for the day and how crazy
that was. Then you get to 100 visits per day
and it’s like you’re on top of the world.
EMILY: That’s the neat thing about all this
web-related stuff is that you do have hard
numbers that you can look at and see exactly
where it’s going. It’s very exciting and,
I think really encouraging for people who
do this kind of thing to be able to see word
is spreading and it’s going somewhere.
JEFF: Do you have any next steps or any projections
of where you see Beauty Broadcast going to
the next level?
EMILY: One of the great things that has helped
me so has been getting to be part of that
on-the-rise pole. It was the first one that
Youtube had done, and they asked me to be
part of that. That gave me a jump in viewers
and a little more exposure. I think more people
were finding me that weren’t already in this
just for makeup, but were stumbling upon the
channel, just outsiders, I think. From there,
I just hoped to continue making videos at
the rate I am now. I try to put out three
or four ever week and just continue doing
the blogging and see where it goes. I do love
it, and it does consume a lot of my time outside
of my already full-time job, but like you
said when you enjoy it, it doesn’t seem like
really work. It’s more like you’re just fueling
that hobby that you love.
JEFF: Just for people that maybe are interesting
to maybe doing a Youtube channel or blog,
I know me personally when I first started
my blog it was almost a secondary full-time
job. Just having to learn how to do it and
all the tips and tricks, and setting up a
camera and learning how to edit. Now where
I have kind of mastered the craft, I can probably
do it in probably 10, maybe 15 hours depending
on how much content I’m putting out. What
would you say for you doing 3-4 videos per
week how much time that takes up?
EMILY: Strangely, it’s started taking me more
time to produce my videos just because I’ve
gotten a little more in depth with editing
them. While I’ve got plenty of ideas floating
through my head and the ideas video to video-
usually a subscriber will say, “Hey, can you
do something about this or I had a question
about this.”- I’ve always got the ideas coming.
That started cranking out faster. When it
comes down to actually sitting down and putting
the video together, I’m trying to get more
creative with the process and that’s consumed
a little more time. From the time that I sit
down here to shoot something to the time that
it’s edited and online, it could be five hours.
I’m starting to do it in HD, so everything
is slow on my computer now. Time consuming,
but fun.
JEFF: I’m not sure if you’ve read, but Tim
Ferriss has his book “Four-hour Workweek”
and then Gary Vaynerchuk’s book called “Crush
It”. Gary talks a lot about your passion and
when it’s your passion it doesn’t matter what
you do because you enjoy it. With Tim Ferriss,
his big thing with the “Four-hour Workweek”
the concept is you spend four hours doing
stuff you don’t want to do, but if you’re
spending 30, 40, 50 hours a week doing Beauty
Broadcast then time flies by because you enjoy
the whole process.
EMILY: Oh yeah! I’ll sit down, start doing
something, turn around and be like, “How many
hours have just past here that I’ve been doing
this?” But yeah, I like it.
JEFF: Anything else you want to add about
the channel or anything else you want to say?
EMILY: Thank you for asking to talk to me
about it. It’s great to have you here and
be in my pink room with me. I just thank anybody
that has stumbled upon my channel and letting
me know what they want to see because that
is again what drives my content, is people
telling me what videos they want. One of the
biggest questions I get is, “How do you come
up with video #515 or whatever?” It is from
people just giving me ideas, so that’s where
it comes from.
JEFF: That’s great. If you want more from
Emily, you can go to her Youtube channel,
which is Beauty Broadcast. You can also follow
her on Twitter at Emilynoel83 and then she
also has a corresponding blog,
I will have some links here so you can see
that. I appreciate the time and hopefully
I can walk out of here without having any
mascara or makeup on.
EMILY: We’ll work on that after.
JEFF: Sounds good. Thanks for joining us,
and we’ll see you next time.
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