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within the 21st century you have to be very intelligent in asking these high quality questions getting solutions to them so that you simply accomplish that in a way that presents you as being of service to the shopper see the most important mistake and that is what we will cowl right here some fundamental greatest errors that you’ll make in asking questions primary greatest mistake you simply do not ask you do not take the time to research or decide what’s necessary why it is necessary why are they right here as we speak what precisely they’re searching for what do they not need to repeat quantity two you ask questions and do not get solutions I see gross sales folks do that always you understand you will introduce your self my title is grant yours they usually’ll be like by no means say something I am simply wanting and you will by no means return and say in your title sir it’s important to get a solution to a query you understand what do you want about your current scenario they do not reply ask the query once more get a solution quantity three you do not ask questions which can be related this can be a mistake you need to be related within the questions you ask they should make sense segue they should by some means bridge between what the purchasers desirous about what they’re asking about perhaps objections they’re having and segue or bridge you understand join with related questions and quantity 4 mistake you ask unhealthy questions you ask inquiries to defend folks issues like are you going to purchase as we speak if I come on the market will you commit am I going to be losing my time if I come on the market these are questions they don’t seem to be high quality questions there are unhealthy questions as a result of your clients are guarded and guarded they’re educated to not give a lot they’ve unhealthy notion of salespeople and presumably think about that they had been manipulated earlier than and now will resist answering your questions see that is why your perspective is vital I am unable to simply inform you hey ask high quality questions get solutions it’s important to cope with all the opposite dynamics of the 21st century buyer your perspective is vital and that you simply current an perspective of service not simply management of service of serving to folks not simply manipulation then you’re going to get your questions answered see all that is about placing your bar comfy in order that they’ll reply questions that is why this highway to the sale the greeting placing them comfy get frequent floor all that’s vital to what we will do within the later steps this can be a method through which you are going to current your self totally different than your rivals see you care extra it’s essential get this you care extra and it’s essential current that that is why I am asking the query you give extra and that is why you are asking you are extra keen extra useful you are going to observe up extra and you will give extra of your self hey you are entitled to ask extra see when you’re really totally different then it’s important to be totally different than your competitors so the errors in asking questions or what primary do you bear in mind do not ask quantity two did not get a solution quantity three the questions you ask should not related you need them to be related Steve and quantity 4 you ask unhealthy questions they’re simply dumb questions okay hey how a lot cash do you’ve got down what do you what’s your finances these are unhealthy questions they flip you off they flip them off look it’s important to get your questions down and extra importantly you do not need your consideration on the query that is why you need to know this you need your consideration on what the reply and bear in mind the reply and be sure that the questions you are asking are related so the data you get is high quality and look keep away from asking unhealthy questions as a result of the second you do you finish the questions and assortment of solutions cycle instance okay I give an instance right here buyer says I haven’t got time and also you say hey how a lot time do you’ve got and also you get a solution he says 20 minutes and also you say he nice the subsequent 20 minutes you employ that information that data so within the subsequent 20 minutes I’ll get you value down fee month-to-month fee I will get you all the data on what you need he says however are you able to do all that in 20 minutes and I say no drawback what did you simply discover out okay properly grant I came upon he will be making down funds and month-to-month funds he desires data on a specific product why is that such a giant deal as a result of I requested one query and received a number of solutions see high quality questions should be related they not solely get you data additionally they trigger the client to drop their guard watch what occurred so within the subsequent 20 minutes I glad the objection or concern I’ll get you priced down fee month-to-month fee and all of the details about the product you need okay I drop his guard I inform him a fice can do every part and I am asking questions whereas I do it and he does not he tells me how I’ll be making funds I’ll have a down fee I am not only a value bar be taught this data high quality questions nice solutions it’s going to direct you on the highway to the sale

Gross sales Teaching: Inspirational Gross sales Assembly by Gross sales Teaching Educated Grant Cardone

buyer desires to spend cash proper now may you breathe however you bought to present a causes man you bought to present causes and you bought to stop giving your self excuses it is the economic system it is the banks there is no down fee it is Bob it is Jeff Huson who’ve acquired Jeff what are we doing why we making adjustments man look when you’re not uncomfortable proper now you ain’t change when you’re comfy when you prefer to sing you ain’t get it you do not perceive okay you perceive I am saying when you’re comfy proper now we simply must get again to fundamentals no you need not get again to fundamentals okay you could get again to one thing manner past fundamentals you need to create your personal economic system now you need to create visitors proper you have to make issues occur I acquired to activate drink in to take a seat on a motorcycle I’ve acquired a snapped image I acquired to seize this content material you guys with me I acquired to ensure Bob my supervisor sees these clients okay when you’ve been doing this 25 years and you are not closing offers you have got the development concerned in these offers a second particular person can do issues on a deal that you may’t see they’re new they’re contemporary begin coming in along with your rod you can say issues to my spouse or my daughter that I simply cannot do with them perhaps I’ve already exhausted a brand new face can are available in and do issues okay three causes you will not promote introduced perspective method the quantity three don’t take an motion and so one of many issues I will be doing is I perceive right here we’ll course of it in place to start out providing you with the arrogance to take extra motion okay as a result of when you’re not taking motion it is just one motive you do not know what you are going what number of consider enthusiasm is an element and partly what number of depart enthusiasm help okay let me simply examine enthusiasm is for amateurs enthusiasm proper Suzy as it’s for amateurs okay certainty and conviction is what an expert is he is sure he has full conviction he controls a cycle following and all people falls you are shopping for this bike you are doing it as we speak okay yesterday 61 yr outdated man Larry I advised Larry this the bikes beginning down thousand {dollars} okay there’s three issues you are going to inform me before you purchase this bike as we speak you are going to inform me your spouse please you could speak to your spouse you are going to inform me it is an excessive amount of cash after which you are going to inform me you could take into consideration okay I mentioned let me take what we did your spouse is aware of you are right here she’s seen you wanting on the Web she already is aware of you are within the bike even Kinesis how are you aware that as a result of I am sir I am an expert I do know what I am doing the second factor you are going to inform me is some huge cash okay you knew that earlier than you bought right here what number of agree with that what number of agree he however he knew it was thirty 9 thousand bucks earlier than he walked within the retailer ninety-five % of the individuals which are procuring you have got been on the web lengthy earlier than lengthy earlier than do not spend extra time on the web of their underwear than they spend within the retailer proper round okay third factor you possibly can inform me she did not take into consideration okay the reality is you’ve got been eager about this for a very long time see why I wish to deal with their objections earlier than there may be an objection would you carry that is what an expert does the skilled does not look forward to issues that so I I wished to remain again and get you a brand new talent set that helped the shop develop the place all people else is contracting okay to stop making excuses and do one thing slightly than making excuses in getting smaller

Be taught the intention to Create a 3d E-book Quilt Image – Free and Non-Free Systems

hey this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog thanks for joining me today I’m gonna go over really quick how to create an e-book cover two really simple methods using Photoshop you can use any other programs that you like for this first method but the first method it’s totally free you can do it on your own just follow the instructions the second method requires a payment to ActionScript that you can use to create ebook covers it makes it really easy almost automatic and it looks a whole lot better but it does cost a lot more and I’ll show you that in a second so the first method like I said it’s totally free the first thing you want to do is create a cover that is the same size as your ebook so whatever size your ebook is you want to create a cover that’s the same size I already did this free really quick here this is my sample ebook cover by Pat and it’s an eight and a half by 11 size because my you know theoretical hypothetical ebook is a nap by 11 I usually like to divide them into three sections and put the you know top middle bottom and then put the title in the middle and then my name on the bottom or the top somewhere and just add some little decorative elements you can do whatever you want for your cover but the trick is to put this cover onto a 3d looking box or book so that it you know we have a 3d image of it so we can use it on our sales page option forms our websites blogs whatever so in order to get that free blank template you want to go to and this is just one place you can go to but I mean it has exactly what you need you can go to ebook template source com that’s ebook template source calm and at the top click on ebook covers and then you can download these free kind of templates that you can place whatever ebook cover that you make on and there’s different sizes here I just downloaded this first one here because it looks like an eight and a half by 11 and let me pull that up for you right here now there it is in Photoshop now so I have them side by side so what I want to do is take this ebook cover and drag it on top of this 3d book now we don’t need this one anymore now you’ll see that the 3d cover you know the template is on top so we want to make sure that the one we just dropped in is on top I’m gonna reduce the opacity to maybe 50% so I can you know so it’s transparent so I could see what I’m doing and I like to scale it so that I get the top left we match the the top-left corner matched up and a little bit around the same size so I’m gonna go to edit transform you know I make sure the layer that we just dropped in is highlighted layers transform and scale and I’m going to scale it down if you hold shift and drag a corner it’ll stay at the same constraints but we are the same proportions so I’m just gonna drag it so the top right corners or the top left corner of this matches I’m gonna zoom in just so I can see that so there you go and press Enter and then now I’m gonna transform it again but this time I’m gonna distort it and this this is where the magic happens I’m gonna click distort edit transform distort and now I can drag each corner to their respective corner of the e-book cover like that zoom out and it kind of just skews everything nicely for you let’s see right there and then this one goes right down there and bam let me zoom in just so I can get a closer look and there you go now you make sure one press it returned and then put the opacity all the way back up so it’s like it was before and there you go instant ebook cover in a 3d image you know in perspective and it looks it looks pretty good now the second way is a totally ninja way and it’s it’s a little bit more expensive you have to go to cover action procom to get this software cover action Pro and you’ll see just an example of all the crazy-looking things that you can design with this this is just amazing software I’m show you exactly how it works right now the way it works is it’s it’s you download these action scripts after you purchase from cover actual Pro you download these action scripts and you put them in a certain directory in Photoshop and they they show up in this actions tab here and then what you can do is you select the book that you want you know I’m gonna do a CH book v you’ll see what that looks like in a second you I like create and press play down here and then it gives me a little flat looking template now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna drop in our cover once again and then go down to render and click play and then that’s when everything happens for you so I’m gonna go back to my ebook here ebook cover I’m gonna select everything again drag on top of this you’ll see that’s a lot smaller these templates from from the ActionScript from cover option Pro are quite large so you’re gonna have to scale things so we can scale things in the same way transform scale and I’m gonna scale it big make sure it all lines up correctly and the size might be a little off but that’s when you can make adjustments so you’ll see here let me let me bring this down really really quick just because I want to show you the middle part here says cover and then the left side says spine so the spine is the the side of the book so you want to make sure that you can you’ll have everything in place and you can see my spine isn’t totally covered so I’m gonna go to this layer and transform it again and scale it so it’s it’s going so that all the edges are filled and you can see when I make this layer transparent that you can see what’s gonna be on the cover and what’s gonna be on spine so I’m gonna keep that there go to my text layers center it just so I know that it’s centered on the cover part and then I’m gonna bring back the opacity so it’s full level and like I said before I’m gonna go over here to step two which is render click play and then I’m not doing anything right now I’m hands-free it’s all doing the stuff for me I’m not even I’m not touching anything and it’s gonna go through and create all the layers and it’s kind of like someone is doing it for you and it just takes a moment so we’ll see what comes up it should be BAM right there instant and you even get like nice little reflections and you can see how the spined it looks like it’s kind of rounded a little bit and the back of the book comes through it’s pretty amazing software and then you can use this to create you know your opt-in form sales pages or whatever and get more sales and more leads or whatever you’re looking for so if you visit WWF income com you’ll see an opt-in form for my ebook on how to make ebooks if you’re watching this through YouTube I go over there and check out what my cover looks like and sign up for the form and get your own copy of e-books a smart way so that you can make a books just like me and make money online and and be successful so thank you so much for watching this tutorial again we did that free method with ebook template source calm and then we just dragged and drop it onto that free template or we use cover after procom to create these fancy looking ones so thanks again I hope to talk to you soon and I’ll see you in the next video again or drop by my facebook page slash smart passive income thanks take care