5 Easy Tricks to Get Fb Fans Snappy

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today I’m gonna give you five easy tricks to get Facebook fans fast now this is assuming you already have a Facebook fan page or business page and if you don’t that’s okay I’m gonna link to one in the description here on YouTube which is a video that I did about exactly how to do that so the first trick and this is probably the most important thing and should be done before you do any of these other tricks is to create a Facebook landing page now Facebook landing page is a page that people will go to and see on your Facebook fan page first and this is a must because you want new visitors to be taken to a page that tells them exactly who you are or what your business is about and also one that gives them clear instructions about how to become a fan because if you look at my wall right now what you’re looking at on the screen you know it doesn’t really give people good instructions about what to do or what I’m about and it doesn’t really give a good first impression you know it doesn’t allow me to put really fancy graphics in that people will see the first time they come to my page so creating the landing page will do this for you I’m gonna show you what mine looks like right here so as you can see right away it gives them clear instructions about what to do tells them a little bit about who I am and why this should become a fan and also there’s a picture of me and at the bottom I have a link to my website as well you know for proof in case they wanted to I get to know me a little bit more so that’s my Facebook landing page and it’s been working fantastic so it’s basically just blank HTML page that you set up and you can set it up so that that page is the default page that new visitors will see which is perfect and awesome if again I made a video about exactly how to do that which I’ll put in this description as well if you’re if you’re interested in doing that which I really really really really recommend so the second trick is to place links to your Facebook page on your website now this may seem obvious but a lot of people for some reason aren’t taking advantage of this so as you can see right here right next to where people can follow me on Twitter I have my Facebook fan page link right there and this is becoming more and more calm and now a lot of bloggers are putting a link to the Facebook fan page on their website too so if you’re not doing that already and you have a Facebook fan page you know why not another tip that you could do related to that which I don’t do but I’m going to is you can put a link to your Facebook fan page at the end of your individual blog posts now think about it if people make it to the end of your blog post you know they probably read a lot of what you had to say and they probably enjoyed it and they’ll probably be more inclined to become a fan at that point so you know you want to hit them while they’re hot and if you have the landing page set up properly if they click on that they’ll know exactly what to do when they get to your fan page my third tip is to include a link to your fan page in any you know signatures in any forums that you’re in so here’s my signature down here at the bottom on the pro blogger.com forum and you can see right here it clearly says connect with me on Facebook and this is a great way to promote your Facebook fan page for free you know since it’s on a signature it’s done automatically after each post that you do and you can easily do this by going into you know most forums have a spot where you can edit your profile and then there’s a spot that says edit your signature and you’ll want to make sure that you put in really nice make it look really nice using basic link HTML coding and you know instead of having it say well connect with me on Facebook at HTTP blah blah blah bit better so that’s that’s the third tip including a link to your fan page in any of your form signatures now fourth tip that I have it might not apply to all of you but if you’re doing videos or blog posts on other websites you can easily just plug in your Facebook fan page link there so for instance if you want to look at my YouTube page this is a this is actually the video about how to make a facebook landing page you can see right here right at the end with six minutes left or sorry at with like 30 seconds left there it is facebook.com slash smart passive income now the link is really easy to memorize the way you do that is you know if you don’t have a nice URL for your Facebook fan you can go to www.facebook.com / username and there you’ll be able to set a nice-looking URL for your fanpage now you have to have at least 25 fans in order to do this but you know if you implement a lot of these strategies you’ll be able to get to that point really quickly now lastly the fifth tip I have is one that will cost you money but it’s working working really well for me and you can pay Facebook to promote your fanpage through an advertisement so you know how you see these advertisements here on the right-hand side of Facebook well you can put your Facebook fan page put an ad for your Facebook fan page on certain people’s walls which is awesome and the way you do that is you go to your Facebook fan page and you go to promote with an ad here right underneath your picture and then you’ll be able to create your own ad and they could kind of give you a preview of what it’ll look like it’ll give you it’ll it’ll make one for you but I wouldn’t recommend using the ones that they put in there because you know if you just read this right here it doesn’t really make sense so you want to you want to put something really nice in there that’ll get people excited about clicking over to to actually your landing page if you set that up correctly now the coolest part about this is you can set up set it up so that you could target certain people so for instance if you are looking to target only males if your business is male oriented or females or you can even target people on their birthday which is crazy so you can have an ad that specifically says hey is your birthday coming up well you might like a free coupon for your birthday at blah blah blah or whatever you can get really really ninja with a lot of these advertising methods here on Facebook so for instance if you have like a dog training website for example you can enter the keyword dog training well actually if you’re dog training you probably wouldn’t want to use the words dog training because those people are actually dog trading there’s already but you can put like golden retriever for example and that’ll show the add to right here on the bottom it says ten thousand people so 10,000 people have golden retriever in their profile and those people those people probably have golden retrievers right so you can specifically make your add if you wanted to get really ninja just create individual adds if you’re a dog trainer with different different dog breeds and have your ads say do you own a golden retriever or you know it’s kind of they’ll people will think it’s crazy that they that you know they have a golden retriever in their ads so they’ll click over and then they’ll get to your landing page and they’ll probably become a fan if you if you really give them a reason to so the ad that’s been working for me lately is this one right here and it’s really short and sweet and I find that the shorter ones work better at least for my niche you’ll need to test it out for you but mine says ninja marketing strategies for your online business or blog and that’s it and that’s been getting really really good click-through rates lately I think the word ninja a lot of people are attracted to for some reason and I’ve been saying that a lot lately so I apologize if it’s starting to get annoying but you know it’s working for me so you have to test it out and they give you metrics about how your ads are doing and you know one really quick tip is they’ll give you a suggested bid price as you can see mine here is 81 cents to 97 cents i under bid that and you know my ads are sleeping still getting shown so you know of course they’re gonna want to make as much money as possible so you know you kinda have to deal with them you’ll probably have less impressions but you know you’ll be paying a lot less per click and you’ll want to fiddle around with that you know I could probably even go even lower so you can see here the people I’m targeting bloggers entrepreneurs work at home internet marketing certain books like the 1 million mill in one minute millionaire in the 4-hour workweek and and stuff like that and my ads being shown to about 800,000 people and as you can see yesterday it was impressed that there were almost a hundred thousand impressions in 45 clicks which is pretty awesome so that’s that’s basically that’s basically it those are the five tips again I’ll go over them really quickly one is to create a Facebook landing page second one is to put links on your blog third one is to put links in your any forum signatures fourth is to plug your link in your videos and any guest posts and fourth or fifth is to put it in an ad which really helps in so I hope you guys enjoyed that and you might find that some of those will be useful for you again if you’re looking for videos about how to create a landing page or how to create a Facebook fan page they’ll be in the description in YouTube and also you can join me on my youtube channel at youtube.com slash smart passive income for more videos just like this one so thank you guys again I really appreciate it again if you wanted to see what my Facebook fan page looks like and check out what the experience is like to get to that landing page for the first time is like you can go to facebook.com slash smart passive income and that’ll take you there so thank you guys so much I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll talk to you soon have a good one [Music]

Construct a Facebook Landing Web affirm

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today i’m going to show you how to make a facebook landing page now what is a facebook landing page well it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s a page on your business or fan page that first time visitors will see or land on first now why is this good why would you want a Facebook landing page well it’s because by default people will go to your wall and you can see my wall on the screen right now it doesn’t really do a fantastic job of giving newcomers an idea of what your page is about or what you’re about on a landing page you can put anything you want such as an introduction to who you are or what your business is about you can also put in an opt-in area for a newsletter and you can even put in calls to action to actually become a fan which is really important so today I’m going to walk you through that process now the first step is to obviously create your Facebook fan page if you haven’t done this already that’s okay I have a video about exactly how to do this but I’m not going to go through that process here if you’re looking for that video just go ahead and find me on YouTube the smart passive income is my username and I have a video about how to create a Facebook fan page there the second step is to install a certain application called static fbml again it’s static f as in Frank B M L now the way you do that is you go here to your edit page area and you scroll down to more applications and click right here on this little pencil in the more applications area and click on browse more now in the search apps area you’re going to type in static fbml now fbm l stands for facebook mark up language now we’re all familiar with HTML which is hypertext markup language this is kind of Facebook’s own language but don’t worry you don’t need to learn a new language you can put HTML in there too so what you do is you click on it and then click on add to my page right underneath the symbol now here you’re gonna want to select the page that you want to put place it on something to place it on the smart passive income with Pat Flynn Facebook fan page alright and it should be there so I’m gonna go back to my page now now you’re gonna notice that nothing really has changed now what you’re gonna want to do is go back to this edit page area find the FB ml application which is right here for me and click again on the little pencil and then click on edit now it’s going to ask you for a box title and the FB ml code now your box title is gonna be the name of the tab that’s gonna show up on your Facebook fan page if it’s up at the top so you’re gonna put it welcome or you know whatever you want it to be I like to put welcome and then in the FB ml area that’s where you’re gonna put in your HTML code or if you know FB ml you can put in fbml too but you can just put in HTML and I have mine here now you’re gonna want somebody to you’re gonna want somebody to create this for you if you don’t know how to do it already it’s basically just a blank HTML page just like from any website it’s about seven hundred and sixty pixels wide you can make it as tall as you want you could put whatever you want on it using tables or you can even put flash on it or you know whatever you want an opt-in box through Aweber or or whatever but right now I just have basic HTML text and pictures and stuff like that and I’ll show you what it looks like in a second but yeah I’m not gonna go I’m not gonna really get into CSS and HTML and stuff like that so I’m gonna click Save Changes and it’s saved so I’m gonna go back to my website alright so for me you’ll notice I have a bunch of tabs here so you won’t be able to see the tab II just created on my page you might very well be able to see it on yours but if not you can click on these double arrow icons right here to go ahead and click over to it and here is here’s mine now it has a really clear call to action right away click the become a fan button above which is usually right here on the right-hand side of your name or the name of your fan page you can’t see it here because this is my fan page and I also have an explanation about kind of who I am what I do and why would you want to become a fan and there’s also a link at the bottom to go to my website so that’s basically how you create the landing page now there’s two ways to get people to see that landing page right away the first way is to go back to your edit page area scroll down to your fbml application again click on that little pencil icon and click on link to this tab now this is a specific URL that you have now that will link people directly to that landing page so if you have a URL shortener like bitly or bud URL com you can place that in there and tweet that out or put it on your website and that’ll bring people directly to your landing page right away now a better way to do it so that everybody who is new to your landing page or to your Facebook page lands on that landing page is to go back to your wall and underneath where you would leave your status click on the options area right there underneath the share and then click on settings now you’re gonna notice the second kind of menu item down is default landing page for everyone else now this means everyone else meaning people who are not already your fans because you don’t really want your fan people who are already your fans to be instructed to click on you know to become a fan button or opt-in if they already have if you have an opt-in air either so scroll down to whatever you named your landing page and that’s it so now everyone who is new that comes to my fan page will see that page first which is awesome and it’s exactly what you want to do so that’s it if you guys have any questions just feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can and you know if you want to check out my Facebook fan page you can check it out at facebook.com slash smart passive income and lastly if you realize these videos I’m going to be doing a lot more helpful videos just like this one so please subscribe to the YouTube channel and I’d be very happy if you do that so thank you guys so much I appreciate it again if you have any questions just let me know and have a good day thanks

How To Six Step

all proper so that is the way you get right into a six-step as a result of the very last thing you need to do it there’s some horrible Roger Rabbit or whatnot after which fumble your approach right down to the bottom to get into the six-step it ruins the entire impact so this will lower off my head which does not matter however these are a couple of choices for entering into it and hopefully the visible shall be sufficient as a result of I really feel the music is necessary that is freestylers superb for a working towards brightening to see facet notes this can be a gradual half if you happen to’re ready for acceptable music then you’ll be able to go and so they gradual circly go well with I imply and getting out quantity two morning while you get out of it go in your left knee so what I simply did right here that is right here drop down proper right here after which went into it you stand up different choices is you’ll take by means of different choices is what you may name flare begin primary not sensible identical to straight that is it for now that was all accomplished utilizing principally what I simply confirmed you might have enjoyable

Breakdancing Strikes 101

alright that is the essential of the six steps so I will clarify probably the most basic transfer in breakdancing footwork this is the way it begins you’re in a push-up place physique straight ft barely aside the place you are going to do is carry this proper leg into barely virtually such as you’re doing a half a mountain climber then you definitely’re gonna step out that is that about two o’clock discover my youngsters are beneath my shoulders then you definitely are available in behind this bent such as you need this foot to be beneath your hips beneath your proper butt cheek on this case then this leg is gonna come out so like that and also you’re gonna flip it to the opposite hand proper discover on this place I can sit comfortably this is essential so when your legs are behind you when you have been to attract a line horizontally when your legs are behind this horizontal line you need them to be straight out it is a normal precept you don’t need your hips to be above your shoulders okay and when your legs are within the entrance you need your at the least one leg to be beneath your hip so that you’re shifting okay so then we come via right here discover it is precisely the other of what we did on the opposite facet then you definitely’re gonna kick out straight after which come again to this place simply plank place place together with your legs throughout so now in sooner pace I will present you what that appears like okay all proper so as soon as once more we’re right here frequent errors you are going to be have your hips approach up yours seems ridiculous you additionally do not need to finish out right here that is one other frequent mistake additionally seems ridiculous have been a whole lot of pressure in your shoulders so seems like this slight step up leg out right here on the heel or on the facet of the foot or the heel in proper foot below proper butt cheek then what we’re gonna do is swap to the best hand as I carry this leg beneath increase throughout out after which right here we go okay so that is the six step few different notes discover that I am on the palm of my fingers like this it is as a result of I lack genetically the flexibleness within the fingers when you can take your fingers and bend them again in order that there are 90 levels of this backcourt of your hand it should show you how to to be up on these on the pads of the hand watch out together with your thumbs you may break your thumbs however that additional three to 4 inches will make you look higher so elevate your shoulder data of your hips okay so a couple of elaborations you could add the essential six step so we’re right here come right here so it’s also possible to soar so as a substitute of bringing this up after which via you may soar like this okay in order that’s barely sooner model or right here soar straight to this this level the place you will have the best foot below the butt cheek right here right here okay after which when you pace this up you find yourself incorporating a kick via identical to you’ll when you’re doing this sort of transfer and the best way it interprets it seems like this okay okay it is a a lot sooner model watch out your wrists with the essential six step a couple of issues you are able to do so put right here increase while you get to this place you may transfer down both facet which is a whole lot of enjoyable so I can throw my weight this manner after which stroll with very small steps of my ft place okay you bought different issues you are able to do when you prolong one leg right here you are simply going to pivot on this leg use this hand for a flourish come over like that after which return into the six step so we imply by that’s okay again into regular all proper different issues you are able to do put your knees down one other very straightforward embellishment so my place soar in in increase increase now I am simply going to carry as a substitute of are available in right here I am gonna put my left knee down after which comply with my proper knee you will see what this seems like now I will be proper again within the sixth step okay so there’s some fundamentals what I need to present you now it is the way you get into the system so that is going to be the doorway

Is Your Internet web web page or Weblog Optimized? Proper right here Are 5 Questions You Can Quiz

hey all people that is pat flynn from the sensible passive earnings weblog proper now I am working with my graphic designer on some design modifications for the weblog and I assumed it is perhaps good to type of offer you an insider over-the-shoulder view of precisely what my thought course of is this fashion you possibly can possibly take a few of these concepts and implement them for your self too so so the way in which that is gonna work is I will ask 5 questions you could ask your self on the finish of this to which can assist you determine what you’ll want to do on your web site so the very first thing I wish to ask is what’s the very first thing you discover now it is perhaps laborious so that you can determine this out for your self so it is most likely higher to ask another person I’ve finished this already you possibly can ask them what’s the very first thing you discover if you come to my web site now it is perhaps attention-grabbing to see what they discover out you realize if what they discover is a few little crimson icon right here some nasty commercial right here on the underside then you definately would possibly wish to change issues since you wish to direct the place your persons are seeing you realize if that advert is crucial factor then that is advantageous however for me crucial issues are proper right here in the midst of this featured space and what I am about right here on the right-hand aspect and people are the 2 issues that folks have instructed me they observed first which is nice in order that’s not going to alter the second factor is that if somebody new got here to your web site would they be capable to determine what the positioning is about straight away now that is tremendous necessary particularly these days as a result of you realize the common time somebody spends on an internet site is 10 seconds or much less truly so that you you mainly have 10 seconds to inform new guests what your web site is about or else they’re gonna go away you realize they is perhaps the right buyer however they’re gonna go away as a result of you have not instructed them who you’re what you are about you realize it’s extremely straightforward to have you learnt do not depend on that particular person clicking to your about space you realize about 99% of the time they are not going to try this you realize persons are lazy and when you do not inform them straight away they’re simply gonna go away and click on by way of and discover the data they want someplace else so for me this has labored superbly this hiya my identify is space and I’ve truly taken it out earlier than in a earlier redesign and I put it again in as a result of I obtained so many complaints and other people had been like dude that is a giant mistake that is precisely how folks know who you’re you realize these folks had been completely proper so I am not taking that out and really I am gonna make it lots higher I am gonna preserve it the way in which it’s however I am gonna add a video right here as an alternative of only a nonetheless image so the video will even have its nonetheless image but it surely’ll say possibly like click on right here or press play or one thing after which it’s going to be me speaking about who I a bit bit extra about what the web site is about and who I’m so it is simply one other approach for me to attach with folks and one other approach for me to inform them straight away precisely who I’m so you realize you possibly can’t depend on a video although in order that’s you realize that is why I’ve this space right here and it says my identify is Pat no I am not making tens of millions however I’m dwelling off of passive earnings made on-line I am right here to point out you what I’ve realized I believe from you could simply get an thought straight away about what my web site’s about so return to your web site go to it as when you had been a model new particular person and try to see when you may determine what the web site is about straight away in 10 seconds or much less all proper within the third query I wish to ask you is is there any wasted area now particularly above the fold as a result of above the fold you realize stuff folks see with out having to scroll down is tremendous necessary prime actual property you realize you do not wish to waste that area and I can already inform you proper now that there is plenty of wasted area right here on my web site like proper right here that padding or margin or no matter is not wanted you realize I can transfer stuff up and present a bit bit extra of those advertisements down right here for instance um you realize there’s some wasted area right here and you realize sure typically much less is extra however when it is for no completely no motive being there then that is wasted area and as I stated earlier than the area in your on your private home web page above the fold is tremendous necessary so ensure you’re making nice use of it there’s plenty of issues you could possibly put in there now the fourth factor I wish to ask you is is something too crowded for me I can inform you straight away and the folks folks have instructed me this earlier than the area right here on the left hand aspect is tremendous ridiculously crowded you realize folks learn from left to proper so after they learn my web site first they’re gonna see these first which is which is which was my objective which is why I put them there however you realize persons are seeing this and seeing how crowded all the pieces is and so I wager some persons are simply leaving as a result of there’s plenty of stuff happening right here and there is a lot to learn plenty of little textual content to learn straight away so I am most likely taking this space out I am gonna be increasing the textual content space right here in order that footage might be a bit greater contained in the weblog posts and there will likely be extra textual content I imply simply have a look at how crowded that appears as a result of it is in such a tiny little area so go to an internet site see if something’s too crowded you realize I am most likely gonna be transferring these over right here to a tab space and I am certain you have seen these earlier than you realize it is like completely different tabs after which whichever one you click on on you realize there’s completely different materials down right here that is most likely what I will do now the fifth and final very last thing I wish to ask you is are you capturing e mail addresses now the explanation why you wish to seize emails simply is is as a result of it is tremendous necessary to remain related with folks so in case your web site goes down or your companies exit in case you have their e mail addresses you could possibly nonetheless come up with these folks you could possibly nonetheless begin a brand new enterprise actually simply in case you have these e mail addresses if you do not have these you are screwed so if my weblog went down right this moment there’d be no approach I may contact folks you realize I do have my Twitter account however that might go right down to you your e mail tackle is an effective way to remain related with folks and an effective way to remain related with them on a private degree since you’re sending the message on to their e mail field so if you do that and what I am gonna do is definitely I am gonna create an area proper right here for an opt-in space and I am most likely gonna supply one thing like a publication or a free report or one thing like that in alternate for his or her e mail tackle you realize you possibly can’t simply ask for the e-mail I simply right away they are not gonna give it to you so you need to have one thing of worth for them so look out for these issues sooner or later these are issues I am gonna have on my web site I hope you loved that once more the 5 questions that you simply you will wish to go and ask your self are on your web site is one what’s the very first thing you discover – if somebody new got here your web site would they be capable to determine what it is about straight away three is there any wasted area for is something too crowded and 5 are you capturing e mail addresses so work on these issues I am engaged on these proper now so search for an enchancment on the sensible passive earnings weblog inside the subsequent hopefully inside the subsequent two or three weeks as my graphic designer works on these modifications proper now and I hope you get pleasure from that thanks a lot and if you have not already please subscribe to the youtube channel at youtube.com slash sensible passive earnings or when you’re watching this on YouTube proper now you possibly can click on on over to the subscribe button up right here within the higher right-hand aspect so thanks a lot I respect your consideration right this moment and your success thanks and have one bye

Passive Profits Streams 101

hey guys this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today i’m going to show you exactly how to create a passive income business model that works for you and not the other way around secondly i’m going to show you how to create multiple passive income streams and how and why that works now lastly i have a tip for you beginners out there who you know maybe you don’t have a product and you have adsense on your website i have one tip that will quadruple your Adsense income so make sure you stay tuned to the end for that alright so first I’m going to show you exactly what a passive income business model looks like and obviously it starts with a customer with a need or you know potential customer now they’re going to make their way over to our website which provides information about whatever they’re looking for now maybe we’ll have an e-book or something electronic on that website that you know provides really really good information about what they’re looking for so they might be interested in buying it right so when they go from there they have to fill out their billing information you know they’re ready to put to make a purchase with us so you know they fill out their credit card information PayPal whatever it is whatever form of payment they want to use and when they click ok this is when the magic happens when they click ok this tells a third party payment processor website to do everything for us I’m show you how that works right now so when they click ok and the payment clears the payment processor you know the third party website automatically delivers that product to the customer instantly and they’re happy right so it’s very important that we set this business up properly in order for it to work this way now the trick is the payment processor actually holds the e-book for us you know we upload it to their website so that whenever our bill information you know behind-the-scenes it tells the payment processor after a successful payment to automatically deliver via email that’s supposed to be an envelope but it automatically delivers the product via email to the customer now where are we we’re over here we already set up the website you know we set this up we spent you know many hours setting us up correctly but now it’s on autopilot now the only part of the equation that we’re involved in is right here money in our pocket so this can be happening 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year and while that’s happening you know we’re not involved in this anymore you know hopefully we’ve set it up in a way they automatically get customers hopefully our websites already done you know of course we’re going to set that up at the beginning billing information you know we don’t need to deal with that pain and processor that’s all done by a third party website we’re not involved in this process the only part that we’re involved in is accepting cash so while this is happening all the time for us we’re getting more and more money coming into our bank account and that makes us super happy so after you set this up the first time do you think would be really easy to set up another one yeah of course you know maybe you can even copy paste the whole thing and just do it in a different niche or do it with different products so create one boom you have another one easily create multiple passive income streams like that and while that’s happening you’re sitting here doing nothing because you set that up right from this first one after you set it up it’s on autopilot you can create another one and then another one and then another one and then another one and then income will come to you from each of these passive income streams and that makes you very happy all right so I want to finish up today by giving you my number one Adsense tip now I know a lot of you I don’t have your own products out there and you’re running Adsense on your website which is great you know I love Adsense it’s what I started using to make money online on my website but my number one Adsense tip is actually to not use Adsense again my number one Adsense tip is to not use Adsense now that might sound weird but I’m going to show you exactly what I mean so the way Adsense works is advertisers will pay Google and Google will put an ad on your website right this is your website here right they’ll put an ad here so what happens is when a customer comes in or someone who visits your website clicks on that ad they will be taken to the advertisers website you know which was their goal and Google will give you a little bit of money right so who is getting the money here you know you’re getting the money Google’s getting the money so the advertisers might have to pay a little bit more you’re getting less than you should be earning so exactly what you should do is figure out figure out who this ad advertiser is and you can see on your website look on your website see who’s advertising on your website and contact that advertiser directly you know yeah maybe you’re scared of doing business online and contacting people directly but hey if you want to make real money online you’re gonna have to do things that you might be uncomfortable with that first you know that’s how it was for me so what you can do is find out who that advertiser is just by looking you know don’t click on that ad because you know you’re not supposed to do that you know you can see that you can see the URL on the bottom of the ads usually so find out who they are go over there and contact them directly and make a deal with them you know money is going to go directly to you instead of through Google and then you and you’ll just get a little bit it so that’s my number one Adsense tip figure out who your advertisers are who’s showing up on your website contact them directly and cut them and cut a deal with them you know you’re going to get more money they’re going to be happy because there probably has been less money at the same time and also they won’t have to worry about other websites or competitors showing up in that same ad space you know if you can prove to them that you have the numbers the traffic the click clicks and everything like that that’ll work out for you so that’s my number one Adsense tip so thank you again guys for listening to me today I hope you learned a little bit about passive income if you could do me one really quick favor I would appreciate it so much if you could please leave a comment below about what your favorite part of this presentation was you know what struck a chord with you what really got you going or motivated you with this presentation I would really appreciate it you know and if this presentation sucked for you or if you didn’t learn anything you know let me know that too I put a lot of time and dedication into this presentation here so I’d really appreciate if you could spend 10 seconds just leave a comment for me alright and if you really like this video and you want more you know just please subscribe and I’m going to be putting out a lot more videos lately this is I think my fourth video in a week so that just shows you that you know I’m really excited about providing some good information for you about creating passive income for yourself and making it so that you can work less and make more and enjoy life so please subscribe I really appreciate it again thank you guys so much for spending time with me today have a good one take care good bye

The Over-The-Excessive Place of work of a 6 Determine Work at Dwelling Blogger

all people says Pat Flynn from the sensible passive revenue weblog type of simply taking my canine out for a stroll at present as a result of Mother say hello it is about 11:30 a.m. on an exquisite Friday morning right here in San Diego and I type of simply need to invite you to my workplace to type of present you the place every part goes down type of behind the scenes with sensible passive revenue weblog and all my different companies and stuff so we’re gonna head on over into my house and have slightly look so uh thanks for becoming a member of me at present let’s go inside I believe gizmos leash off actually fast he is no wait good boy all proper cool all proper so that is my little one-bedroom house I am gonna provide the fast tour scuse me on the sofa and we reside our canine provides them a limb no only a actually actually small house and there is my workplace every part that goes down with sensible passive revenue vlog and all my different companies occurs on this little area of interest right here within the nook of the eating room and I hope this simply exhibits you that you do not want a flowery workplace in an effort to do actually actually cool issues and nice issues and achieve success on-line that is all I’ve proper right here that is the one house I’ve to work it is fairly cramped however no printer podcast and mic storage books and whatnot Asti from from Cal and and yeah that is it so your if you wish to begin a enterprise and earn a living from home don’t be concerned a lot about what sort of furnishings you will have simply fear about getting merchandise on the market connecting with prospects or your subscribers or no matter you need and begin doing enterprise on-line don’t be concerned about an excessive amount of about what sort of furnishings a chair you will have and stuff like that however there is a couple few issues there’s just a few issues I need to level out about my specific workplace house and one factor I realized from the sensible passive revenue sorry from web enterprise mastery is named your particular main functions and that Poorna DS out and put him right here for motivation each single day I take a look at these it helps me to get to work and perceive why I am working on-line so one freedom from monetary pressure to freedom to spend time how I would like and three to be acknowledged as an knowledgeable so these are three issues that I take a look at on daily basis they usually encourage me to do nice work on-line so one other necessary half is one other type of motivation is that this quote proper right here and I reside by this quote and you have you might have heard me speak about this earlier than the more durable you’re employed the luckier you change into now you all the time hear about different folks’s success tales and stuff like that and why do you suppose they’re profitable I imply why do you suppose and also you all the time say like oh man that man’s so fortunate nicely why do you suppose they’re fortunate as a result of they most likely put in loads of laborious work until they gained the lottery or one thing they most likely did loads of analysis put in a very long time and energy into being turning into profitable and you possibly can do the identical factor there’s nothing stopping you from doing that for your self one other type of motivation right here growth the Audi r8 Spyder now that is type of my dream automobile and I do not know if I am going to ever get it I am on monitor to thinks you are going away they may I can most likely get that automobile and perhaps ten years perhaps perhaps even sooner however that is not crucial factor crucial factor to me is a with the ability to work right here from residence and be with household and I am having a child boy quickly and as soon as he begins to develop up and speak I need to be there for all of his firsts all the primary first phrases first steps every part so I am hoping that I can proceed on this journey working from residence and supplying you with some good data on the spot passive revenue weblog and staying right here with my household so I simply need to thanks guys a lot for becoming a member of me at present once more it does not take a lot to achieve success on-line don’t be concerned in regards to the enterprise playing cards fear in regards to the enterprise so youngsters know you will have any ultimate phrases what all proper nicely thanks once more guys I admire it have a superb day and remember smartpassiveincome.com or you possibly can join with me at twitter.com slash Pat Flynn PA TfL y and n I even have a YouTube channel which is perhaps the place you are watching this now youtube.com slash sensible passive revenue and in addition a Fb fan web page you possibly can subscribe to change into my fan there at fb.com slash sensible passive revenue so bear in mind all people it is about incomes extra and dealing much less thanks guys take care have a going bye hmm kiss me huh what

How to Earn a Blog in Lower than 4 Minutes and Write Your First Blog Post

hey everybody this is Pat from the smart passive income blog I just want to thank you for taking a moment of your day to check out this quick video of me showing you exactly how you can build a blog and write your first blog posts in less than four minutes so in the time it takes you to boil a pot of water you can have your own blog with its own domain your first blog post up all ready to go for the world to see which is awesome now you may be wondering why I’m creating this video and the reason is because I know there’s a lot of you out there who just don’t know how to get started and and set up your own blog which you know is the first step to creating your online success for a lot of people and I definitely think a blog is the way to go because it’s easy to set up it’s dirt cheap you don’t have anything to lose and it’s a great way to gain a lot of followers within a relatively short amount of time now obviously you’re not going to get rich the day after you create your blog you’re gonna have to work at it a little bit creating your content and you know reaching out to other bloggers and and gaining a mass following but that can happen it happened for me and it happens for a lot of people every day but for a lot of people the hardest part is just setting up the blog and getting started you know they have a ton of information in their head they’re just waiting for it to get out there online for people to see they just don’t know how to do it or set up a blog I’m going to show you exactly how you could do that right now in less than four minutes so this is actually my first take and I’m hoping it only takes one take because I don’t want to end up buying three or four different domain names if I end up messing up during the process but I’m confident I can do it under 4 minutes and I’m also hoping that I have enough time to change the theme of the blog as well as at a picture to the first blog post as well which really makes your blog posts stand out a lot more and you’ll see that hopefully at the end of this video and I’m ready to get started if you are so let’s do this now I apologize if I’m going a little too fast here I really want to try and get it under 4 minutes to show you how quickly it can be done but for your convenience I’ve outlined the information below in a step step format so you know exactly what to do and you can go at your own pace but this video will show you exactly how you can do it too all right so I have an online stopwatch timer already set up for you so you know I’m not cheating or you know editing it weird or anything like that so here it is set up at four minutes I’m going to pull up my blog and I’m going to use the Bluehost link on the right-hand sidebar to start so let’s go alright Bluehost first thing you want to do is go to domain check this is where you check to see if the domains you want are available or a minute blog and it should pull up registration information if it is available all right just like that I put in my information phone number email password password now I’m going to set it up for twelve months at seven ninety five per month and putting credit card information now hopefully I can blur this out later so you don’t steal my credit card number right and next now creating order records is what it says now it should be there should just be a button that’ll take you to your control panel right away and help you get set up with WordPress so yeah at the top control panel oh I’m a little too fast for their system all right let me try again all right there we go now if you get rid of that welcome message and scroll down to software and services you’ll see button for WordPress really convenient stuff and there should be an install button at the bottom and I’m going to set up some Advanced Options I want to give my blog name the 4-minute blog and I want to create my own password and all that stuff legal information alright and it’s creating the WordPress blog for me right now 40 percent complete now after this is all set up I should be able to just go right to my blog and sign in from there all right it’s all ready to go now I’m going to open up a new tab and go to WWF 4-minute blog comm and it should pull up the generic WordPress theme that we just set up there it is right there now I’m going to click on login admin and the password that you set up could save the password if you want and this is your control panel I’m going to actually change the theme from within WordPress I’ll click on appearance and then click on add new themes and now you can search for a whole bunch of different kinds that you want but I there’s one in particular that I like called soul or WP soul install click on install now and it’s that easy all you have to do is activate it and it’s all ready to go it automatically changes your theme now I’m going to create my new post still got a minute to spare add new welcome to the 4-minute blog hi everyone I think I’m actually going to finish before the 4 minute timer is up whoo I think I’ll add boobs add a picture since I have some time alright to add a picture you click on here upload and insert select files I have a picture all ready to go and just takes a brief moment I’m going to Center it and insert into post and it’s right there my blog post let me say bye and click on publish and I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like when someone comes to the 4-minute blog com and there it is there’s a this is the blog post it’s all set up for you is the picture of the smiling face cappuccino thing and I have a second left so that’s it and it actually did take just about four minutes to complete that process which is which is awesome and that included getting the domain and the hosting package at a dirt cheap price from Bluehost comm which is what I use for all of my hosting and that’s six or seven bucks a month which is awesome and also that included setting up the WordPress blogging platform and also going in there changing the theme and adding my first blog posts and adding a picture to it all within four minutes like you saw but you know I know it’s going to take you a little bit longer and I want you to do it right but if you were scared about the process before hopefully you aren’t now because you know that there’s no coding involved there’s no HTML work CSS you can do the whole thing just by clicking a button here clicking a button there and magically a blog appears which is great so if you’ve had any reservations about starting a blog before not knowing how to do it well you don’t have an excuse anymore and feel free to use the steps below to help you again during this process so I hope you like this video I hope you found it useful and thank you again for joining me today Cheers

Guidelines on how to Originate a Facebook Fan or Industry Web announce

hey everybody how you doing this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog at smart passive income comm I hope you’re doing okay today today I’m gonna show you really quick how to create a Facebook fan page or also known as a facebook business page now a lot of people are getting on these right now because it’s a great way to develop a long term relationship and you know interact with your customers and readers and stuff like that so I just created one the other day have a lot of fans we’ve been having fun on there having a lot of interaction which is great so I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook fan page really quickly today so what you want to do is go to facebook.com in now at the bottom here you’re going to notice an icon in the little tool bar that’s the ads and pages manager so we want to click on that in the middle healer here you’ll notice this area right here you’re going to want to click on pages the second one over now this takes you to the page where you have a list of all the pages that you’ve already made if you haven’t made any obviously they aren’t going to be in here so in order to create a new one you can click right here on the plus sign create page and this is where you create it now you’re gonna have to organize it into a category there’s a whole bunch of different categories you know based on what kind of business you’re in and stuff like that but if you have a website usually what you can do is go to the middle radio icon here and click on website at the bottom you don’t want to put the name of your website now I’m gonna this is a fake Facebook page I’m just creating just to show you how to do it I’m not gonna publish it but you’ll have to do that manually once you go in and create it yourself so sign the electronic signature and create page great now you’re gonna be taking to a blank page and again this isn’t published yet so what you’re gonna want to do is set it up so that you know it’s ready to be published and for you to get some fans for it so the first thing normally that you want to do is you’re gonna want to upload photo this will be either your blog logo your website logo or even just picture of you so for this hypothetical Facebook fan page for Phil’s fly-fishing website we’re going to put a picture of Phil so you’re gonna want to click on change picture upload a picture and go into your computer and upload a picture this takes just a moment all right so there’s Phil there and if you ever want to change your photo just hover over and click on change picture now if you want to edit your information which is what you’re going to do there’s a few ways you can do this in the info tab right here you’re gonna want to click on edit information right there and this is where you fill out your basic information about your website like when it was founded your website address company overview mission products and stuff like that make sure you put your website address in there because that’s how people are gonna find you now another way to that another way you can add something is by clicking over here and that says write something about Phil’s fly-fishing website now you can put anything here for me I have my website address at smartpassiveincome.com and also my twitter address and I think I also have some quote or something that goes along with my business and what I do so in order to edit that just click on it and add whatever you want there and then it it’s gonna be there automatically and whenever when anyone goes to your fan page you’re going to see that right away so that’s why it’s a good spot to put your website address and there’s a lot of other things you can add on your page you can even put opt-in boxes you know your RSS feed other links and stuff like that and I’ll show you how to do that in other videos but this is just video about how to create the page so another way to edit the page and you know edit the restrictions on what fans can do on your page and stuff like that it’s by you know clicking over here on edit page and then you’ll see a whole bunch of settings for all the different applications and stuff like that you can click through there but usually the way that it’s given to you is just fine and if you ever want to view your page and click on here view page to see what it looks like and let’s go ahead and see what it looks like right now and there’s nothing well obviously cuz we haven’t put in the information yet so the the way you actually publish your page and I’ll show you how to do that right now is you can just click on here after you edit stuff this bar up here will show up and it’ll say publish this page so all you do is click that right there or you can access it through here edit this page and right here on the right the right hand side publish this page it’ll tell you if it’s not published yet and obviously you want to publish it and so you could tell your friends and your people through your blog or website to go there and become a fan so that’s basically it that’s how you create a fan page now there’s one really quick tip I want to give you go to facebook.com oops slash username now let’s go there right now actually so facebook.com slash username now what this does is it allows you to put a custom URL for the page that you just created so in order to do that you set a username for your pages and you can do this for your name too as you can see I have one already for my name facebook.com slash Pat Flynn that’s my personal account but I also have one for my page you could do that by setting a user name for your page by clicking on that right there now you have a drop-down of all the different pages that you’ve created you can just click on you know the one that you want change and then you can just take it from there and make a customized URL right now I can’t do it because I haven’t published so you have to you have to publish first but once you do that you know there’ll be a box here where you can type in whatever name you want it to be and it’ll be facebook.com slash whatever you put in there and you can check the availability if it’s there go ahead and take it alright so that’s it that’s basically how you create a Facebook fan page and don’t forget to publish it after um after you put in all your information and stuff like that or else no one’s gonna become your fan and don’t forget you can go to facebook.com slash username to make a really nice-looking URL for your Facebook fan page oh there’s one more thing I want to show you really quick you know if you don’t have a Facebook account but you still want to create a page you can still do that which is nice so if you go to facebook.com that’s just the home page at facebook.com you can look here under the signup page or under the signup area there’s a create a page for a celebrity band or business so that’ll take you through the same process except you won’t have to use your Facebook account you’ll probably just have to enter your email address and stuff like that so that option is there for you alright so if you guys want to check out my Facebook fan page really quick you can check it out at facebook.com slash smart passive income and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me probably the best way would actually be through Twitter so twitter.com slash Pat Flynn and I love if you could these are two ends here I’d love if you could subscribe to the YouTube channel I’m going to be doing a lot of these types of videos for all different types of programs and things that I use for my online business and stuff so feel free to do that if you’d like and thank you guys again so much for joining me today and don’t forget smart passive income it’s all about more money and less time take care

Neat Passive Income – Camtasia | Bamboo | Omnidazzle

hey everyone that is pat flynn from the sensible passive revenue weblog that is sensible passive revenue and i am making an attempt one thing out slightly neat at present that is truly my first video that i will be placing on youtube and on my weblog and i am utilizing some actually cool instruments that permit me to do some actually cool issues which i am gonna be sharing with you actually fast at present now you get an insider view of what is on my display screen and that is that is carried out through camtasia for mac and once more that is how i am recording this screencast proper now I am additionally utilizing one thing referred to as a bamboo pill now bamboo is the title of the merchandise it is truly carried out by a wack house and it permits me to make use of a pen as an alternative of a mouse to navigate so I am utilizing a pen proper now and the rationale I am doing this type of goes together with the third instrument that I am utilizing it is referred to as Omni dazzle and what this permits me to do is it permits me to attract on the display screen so should you might check out the window proper now you already know I can draw and I feel that is fairly highly effective stuff as a result of I can use this to spotlight issues that I am doing on-line so as an example I can level out sure areas that I like you already know I can change the colour and present you this space proper right here and as I am speaking I might actually train you to indicate you precisely what I do on-line you even all the way down to the place the clicking is or you already know it is actually arduous to elucidate somebody in an e mail you already know properly this works for you right here or you already know it is arduous to elucidate that kind of stuff it is very easy to indicate you utilizing this pen and stuff in it and I am going to put the hyperlinks to the place these instruments will be situated for you in case you are focused on doing one thing related I am going to put these hyperlinks on the present notes and within the sources part at smartpassiveincome.com so fairly cool huh you already know I am not gonna go into any you already know kind of instructing or something like that proper now however I simply wish to present you sort of what’s developing what I plan to do and I plan on doing this much more and perhaps it might be cool if a few of you guys on the market who’ve your personal blogs and you already know you need my recommendation for no matter it is value to you I might be completely satisfied to indicate you precisely what I really feel utilizing this system which i believe is fairly cool so yeah simply wish to share that with you and thanks for becoming a member of me at present and be happy to subscribe to my youtube channel which is model new proper now it is youtube.com slash sensible passive revenue and you may as well come over to the weblog at smartpassiveincome.com and subscribe to the feed there and you may as well discover me on twitter at pat flynn that is my username p80 f ly and n and that i simply wished to thanks guys yet one more time and remember it is about more cash