Gross sales – Gross sales Practising: Closing the Deal and Amplify Gross sales!

hey this grant cardone I wish to discuss to you once more right now about closing the deal find out how to get it completed find out how to wrap it find out how to transfer via the objections most frequently find out how to transfer via the simply mere complaints wrap the deal shut it end it in an effort to receives a commission you understand the response to my e book the closure survival God God has been completely unimaginable lots of you write me and say man I am utilizing it as an encyclopedia grant I’ve the the closes truly marks that I can go to them for these of you do not have this e book I am gonna encourage you to get it so you should use this as a reference information as an encyclopedia and I am additionally going to encourage you in some unspecified time in the future to get on the audio program so you may hear it each day what it’s essential know right now about this market about your buyer is the closes every part right now how do I push via resistance how do I push via the buyer sphere how do I give them that shut after which push them over the sting in order that they purchase my product purchase my service so we are able to really be of service to individuals keep in mind the garments is the place you truly get the trade whenever you get them to agree to offer you one thing you give them one thing and there is an trade or closed that’s the level of a real service till then till you get that trade level what we name on this e book known as the crucial trade level till the crucial trade is completed all you have completed is promote promote market and discuss we wish to shut we wish to wrap it okay we wish to end them up okay merchandise are very comparable your product you are promoting a telephone or fridge an vehicle actual property all of its very comparable lots of your making a mistake right now since you lack closing abilities that you just’re considering I would like to offer it away I’ve to actual property agent in Los Angeles who units the worth for a product on this market though shopper does I am like you have to be kidding man you guys are the professionals a man buys a home each eight years you do not let him set the value or the man down the road that is foreclosing set to cost my home is uncommon it is distinctive it is into a specific location with a specific view you guys the actual property agent needs to be setting the true worth promoting that worth justifying that worth hey man why is it value greater than home down the road why do it now fairly than wait till the actual property market improves all people’s in the identical state of affairs of us if you cannot shut you aren’t getting paid you have got a fantastic dream you have got a fantastic concept you have got a fantastic product a fantastic service if you cannot end and shut or lose so look I wish to share a few of these closes I am working with these always I am mark them I exploit them proper out of my e book I am going to provide you with one among my favorites proper now it is known as a private favour shut okay it is on web page however these of you have got the e book 318 sir whereas finally it is your resolution I might ask you to contemplate one different factor the actual fact the truth that you’d do that now for me could be a private favor to me and to my household look the fact is I would like your assist okay you are gonna do that you are gonna do it eventually you are doing it proper now could be a private favor to me and to my household let’s do it see you are asking them for him amen do it for me that if you cannot do it for your self do it for me you wish to begin truly leaning on individuals put them into place the place you are truly gonna push to get the enterprise not simply be good be good is not going to get you the enterprise it’s important to push via the garments as an example you guys I acquired I do know it is proper I do know I wanted I do know I am gonna do it however not right now sir I am not gonna permit this it is known as will not permit closed web page 312 sir I do perceive your place first rule of promoting agree nonetheless I can’t help you not do that right now I am gonna put your title on I am gonna insist we do that it is the correct factor it is the correct product it is the correct service I am gonna deal with you you understand you are gonna do it now or you are going to do it later let’s roll and go for the garments so I am supplying you with some info you should use this weekend you understand do you thoughts begging I do not thoughts begging do you thoughts dealing with time issues sir it is by no means the perfect time there may be by no means a greatest time to do something okay so what is the distinction we do it now we do it later you wait three months man you are still gonna be busy you have acquired this a lot paperwork in your desk proper now okay he is saying ship me one thing give me some extra info man you bought this a lot paperwork proper now I ship you one other piece of paper I am going to try this however the reality is sir there’s by no means a greatest time to do one thing lacking and you understand the piece of paper one other proposal get you one thing else to have a look at let’s do that now as a result of reality is you are gonna do it now otherwise you’re gonna do it later okay I might transfer into one other shut proper now then now or later shut so the associated fee now could be 300,000 the associated fee later is 300,000 the distinction is we might begin utilizing it now there’s a potential that there is gonna be a 4 % enhance within the worth possibly it’s possibly it isn’t if there may be it is twelve thousand {dollars} additional you possibly can begin utilizing it now benefiting from it now getting the outcomes of it now begin saving cash on your firm now hey let’s do that nice you stress me no sir however I would be keen to if I needed to belief me you may’t make the correct resolution you do not resolve to do that I’m positively keen to leap over there and demand in your doing this and do not confuse my enthusiasm with persistence let’s roll of us study to shut otherwise you’re gonna go dwelling tonight and your youngsters are gonna ask you simply promote one thing right now daddy mommy did you promote one thing no son I did not shut the deal so you may deal with your loved ones that is what it’s essential be listening to each day you may discover these closes let’s have a look at let me flip it up proper facet right here for you the fundamentals are closing past concept basic closes superior closes this program is sick it should make you tremendous robust within the garments I launched this info to a bunch final week in Los Angeles a girl walked out with a goal for 50,000 for the month she did 225 thousand and gross sales in 4 days exceeded her whole months goal 5 occasions as a result of she had the correct info shut or lose is that easy so look I gave you poor closes possibly 5 closes right now study them use them after which begin including to those you have got thanks very a lot hey share this with a buddy a household relative a neighbor or any person that does not imagine in promoting any person thinks Ellen’s unhealthy if you cannot shut you may’t make your desires come true thanks grant cardone administration be sure that all of your persons are getting my tip every week that is for info it is for you it will make you cash now exit and use it thanks on

How To Simplify Your Treasure Lifestyles

so as a social experiment I try some of the techniques from your book at my last job and it worked out great to follow suit how can i Tim Ferriss my love life and and and yes I just used your name as a verb I’m sorry how can you Tim first you love like what was the second part and yes I used your name as a verb oh okay damn that means I can’t trademark my name with that ketchup I turn into the Kleenex of love life automation how can you Tim Ferriss your love life well for those of you who are not aware I’ll share a very brief story so when the book was about to launch there are a few things I did I planned a number of stunts of sorts and I also withheld a number of blog posts for two years all right so there was a post called geek to freak how I gained 34 pounds of muscle and 30 days or something like that which went everywhere and one of the one of the critiques was well faith this happened two years ago what took you so long said well what was the benefit of mister what was the benefit to me of throwing it up two years ago now I have a book launch makes perfect sense now more wired so that’s why but one of the other things I did is I was like man how can I get into at least a local paper I had no resources related to medium PR guys none like I was really very guerilla in the beginning stages so it’s like how can I get into the San Jose Mercury News of the San Francisco Chronicle so then sites like FARC could potentially pick something up and probably the highest traffic site that most people perhaps not heard of here really really great site how can they get off art or whatever dig that was another reason I did the key to free thing and I figured out that if I if I took the outsourcing and just outsource my my love life for a period of time that could be interesting so what I did was I was living in San Jose nicknamed van Jose for good reasons and at the time and what I did is I went to Elance and I posted a project which was setting dates for me coffee dates in an online calendar and recruited half a dozen teams from around the world India Philippines a team of Americans in Jamaica working for like $4 an hour which I thought was very unusual I Ukrainians what have you and they all had the spec sheet they had and they it was very professionally done and I had this is tremendously offensive to some people please try to have a sense of humor and then I had links to like I this girl I find attractive this girl no not so much and it was it was very specific like these are good interests like you know tattoos and heroin not really my thing maybe and really made a detail as if I was that you know sending out up a project for you know request for a proposal and signed up all these these teams and they competed so there were performance bonuses and there was for the number of of dates they could set for me initially it was going to be all over the map like I’m available on Thursday from the state to this day this time for the stuff Monday from this time to this time I was like man that’s going to be a nightmare for 20 minute coffee dates that’s going to be a disaster really interruptive so I was like well why don’t I try to batch my dates like I’ve batch my email so I had all of the dates set for one weekend and not only that but I was like how far can i push this obviously I’m not recommending that everybody do this but like how far can I really push the cells like okay well let’s say I’m particularly uninspired to put forth lot effort let me have all the dates all the coffee dates at three coffee shops on my downtown street which was five minutes walking this was like 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 and they they ended up they ended up booking more than 20 coffee dates in two days and it was confusing it was really confusing and then ah boy I mean there was some there were some glitches there were some bugs one of the so for example I gave them a discretionary budget of something like $50 each to – beep beep when I said be creative this is terrible wording it’s like be creative if there’s another site or profile that I’m not currently using because I delegated a profile to each person or each team rather so it’s like all right match goes to this team this goes to this team Yahoo Personals let’s say and then plenty of fish whatever and then some teams would get to because I was like art you have to take the the weighted average like matches a huge advantage so I’ll give them two or three profiles and I give them this discretionary budget and they had rules of things they couldn’t do but I’ll the Filipino team really ignored this and what I found funny was first I said there they were Canadian and they using French names and stuff and they’re like sorry we’ve got to you a little late the bridge in Manila was down I was like what warning sign number one and then warning sign number two was they forgot to put a date in the calendar and this poor girl she shows up and I had my head my headset on there’s nothing scheduled I was just blissing music and she’s like hey Tim and she started like throwing out all these inside jokes and I was like ah ha ha ha yeah and the team had been impersonating me they hadn’t been there their instructions were very clear they’re supposed to be like dear Beth you know path this is like venkatesh you know neuro cool writing on behalf of mr. Timothy Ferriss or whatever so like part of the litmus test was like do these girls have a sense of humor it’s like you have to – when you get something like that but what they what they had done is Happy’s elaborate they’ve done all this research I mean done these elaborate like I am conversations and all these inside jokes and she’s like you’re forgotten all about her you know conversation about this I’m like oh that was the only real glitch but ended up ended up with a at the time a long-term girlfriend out of it and that is something I had not been able to do as depressing as it is to admit and like six months of going out to bars and clubs and parties and so forth so can it work yeah if you wanted to to nurse your little butt caveat emptor watch watch the French Filipinos butt that would be that would be one approach