Unbelievable Danish Meal | Tim Ferriss

run into your blocking ha so that is clip Fisk which is odd Danish sushi principally uncooked cod that’s put below floor for that say six months to a yr in salt and it is truly not that salty this this inexperienced is a few kind of grass I consider I must ask the cook dinner his identify is Frederick meet Amir and remedy it there you will have it and the decor you may see could be very understated typical Danish minimalism superb lighting I like the sunshine sales space so that is chamomile mousse after which could have a salad with good god is aware of what there’s caviar there’s what was it honey on honey ice cream right here no there was some kind of me one thing rising within the backyard you may’t have Get Rid below them you’re very irritated weeds perhaps I feel we’re most likely like my weeds after which so you may see that is perhaps the fourth or fifth glass of wine given the the various kinds of entrees and stage dishes that we have had apparently I realized a bit too late the early actually presupposed to essentially take a pattern of the wine with every dish that really feel obligated to have every glass of wine as we went by man this final glass is home lays low so that is Austrian white wine recognized for its sweetness my German is inferior to it was however let’s have a look at which is pecan tree each shift I us local weather cosas ought to chew supine so this can be a candy wine and I do not know what number of glasses and dishes we’ve left this can be a very cool manner that you would put on you will have been pairing with a unique wine for every it is lots of enjoyable beneficial