Militia Weapons Firing in Slovakia | Tim Ferriss

so right here we’re within the Slovak Republic we’re exterior about 45 minutes exterior of Bratislava with one in every of my readers really there’s method beneath and we’re getting him in hassle by enjoying with some toys these are the toys offer you an thought of the menu we’ve got submachine weapons the Glock is about to be in use numerous machine weapons sniping rifle after which after all we’ve got heavy artillery I feel it is artillery possibly I ought to have had extra espresso earlier than I shoot there’s massive firearms anyway hopefully this won’t be my final video with you all in order that’s type of that is a nine-millimeter now that is the shell the precise bullet itself can be this primary portion you see there anyway do not get hit by one however that is when somebody says 9-millimeter no matter that is what they’re really speaking about they most likely by no means seen one okay that is what we name a gun jam and now I am lifeless canine love gunfire so that is empty however there could be one within the chamber so I am not going to drag it Oh okay No

Google buys Jaiku, get hold of Fb! Orkut 2.0?

Enormous information within the internet 2.Zero world. That is Gary Vaynerchuck from Wine Library TV doing a 120 seconds about one thing apart from wine.
Google buys Jaiku. Now, as Jaiku 2.Zero dodgeball, they usually’re gonna do nothing with it or is Jaiku,
the Twitter-like app,
which I really know the 2 founders and tasted just a little wine with them in San Francisco not too way back.
Is that this part of a a lot larger scheme by Google to take the world by storm?
However actually Fb’s world by storm on November fifth. And that is the place I am going. I am going with the ladder.
I believe November fifth goes to be a crossroads within the social networks world. I believe Orkut 2.0,
which is the place Google goes with this,
I believe, goes to present Fb an enormous scare. Now Fb with their superb app
platform is doing a little superb issues and rising like loopy. Getting very near going public, as a result of they’re attending to these {dollars}
we’re gonna should report anyway so you understand they are going in that course. I believe this Google
transfer could be very curious and really critical. I believe we’re gonna see a very totally different 2.0
platform on the market, and I believe
that Fb has some actual, actual fears to see what Google does with this.
Orkut 2.0, with using Jaiku, their new addition, goes to be a really critical participant, and
competitor to Fb.
Ugh! It is so good to speak about one thing apart from wine. That is my 120 seconds of one thing else.

How To Commute The World For Free

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