let’s face it everybody’s got to sense and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey what does Ryan Seacrest’s Tom Cruise Oprah Steven Spielberg Donald Trump Joan Rivers Warren Buffett Gordon Ramsay Michael Jordan Kobe Tim Tebow what do those guys have in common one thing okay and it’s not because they’re in Hollywood or doing something Hollywood they all have one major thing in common dude unbelievable and probably at the top of the list is Ryan Seacrest when I say Ryan Seacrest what do you think American Idol radio no no Ryan Seacrest look it up in the dictionary it equals work ethic okay these people hammer they beat it to death okay look at Tom Cruise man look at his career he works constantly so look you want to get your work ethic so high that people actually admire you I’m going to ask you a question right now do people know you because of your unbelievable work ethic if you can’t answer yes to that man you’re not going to get in that top 10% you got to get at the top you people have to know you not because oh he’s a good salesman oh he’s a good dish oh he’s an artist oh he’s a good pianist oh he’s a he writes a great you know story no did people need to know you for one major thing first he works he produces the guys there every day the guys pushing and shoving because the truth is no matter how good your ideas are how good your art is or how good your skillset is if you’re not working man if you’re not vibrating in a frequency that people say my god how does that guy do all that if you’re not vibrating at that rate 10x levels massive action tremendous work ethic that’s just a muscle nowness it’s just a discipline in your life and it’s a way it’s a normal way that other people think is abnormal Ryan Seacrest Tom Cruise Oprah Steven Spielberg Donald Trump still pumping and working as a billionaire look if you’re not working at that level you’re not going to make it get your work ethic in man it’s the American Way work ethic check it out you